Can Politicians be Trusted?

Published on 18th December 2007

My heart breaks when I remember the 2002 general elections in Kenya. When I look back at high hopes and relief that Kenyans had which turned to be a hoax, I honestly go berserk. I trust no player in this stage show (elections).
In 2002, Kenyans ushered in Moi Kibaki as they booted out Daniel arap Mwai (not their real names). In other words, Kenyans voted for the same wine in a different bottle. Whenever I read or hear of the convenient marriage between Mwai Kibaki and Daniel arap Moi, I sigh and shake my head. How wouldn’t I if this atones the sins of Moi as it blesses those of Kibaki? Refer to the vanishing of Goldenberg after the coming of Anglo-Leasing.
Once again, the session and season of lies and braggadocio are in. Magicians in the cloak of politics and deliverance are on the arena. Kibaki wants the mandate to finish his business. This time around, he has other two potential presidential materials, Raila Odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka.

I have been reading and hearing many promises of heaven, paradise, Canaan, you name it! I wonder though. What new do these guys have? I still remember how Orange-Narc’s squabbles and machinations doomed the draft constitution unreasonably. I even remember the pomposity and huge support for Kibaki when he was scheming to unseat Moi (KANU). I was in Nairobi when this beautiful document was slain. Kibaki promised to deliver it. Raila and his whiz kids blocked him to see to it that their foe does not deliver and score. Here, they considered nothing but their political glory as opposed to hoi polloi’s emancipation!
Here we are. They want more! For them, the constitution is nothing given that they can get away with it! This, if anything, is the juncture at which I see colours as far as who suits to become the president of Kenya. Frankly speaking, the blood of the draft constitution is on the hands of Kibaki, Raila and Musyoka in the first place.

If Kenyans bother to look at the true trend and trajectory of their nation, chance is; there is no worthy candidate for them to pick for president. How will they pardon this sin not to mention the needed and hard earned millions of shillings lost? In this tragic-comedy, Kenyans must ask crucial questions especially on how much was delivered and not.
Reasonable reasons must be adduced. Did the common man in Kibera, Kawangware, Majengo and Uthiru get what he expected of them? If not, why? Though Kibaki boasts of turning the economy around, practically, this is a subject of debate. Statistically he performed miraculously. But again, the common man in the slums feeds not on statistics. His is to see not to be told. Seeing is believing.

I spent my three years in Kenya at Valley Arcade. I interacted and discussed issues with many Kenyans. One thing, thank God, I tackled with those I was lucky to meet with, the fable of the rampancy of tribalism. I am still convincingly positive to aver that, in essence; there is no tribalism in Kenya save confusion, illusion, hallucination and Kenyans being hoodwinked and taken for ride under "tribalistic" sympathy and apathy. In Lavington, every one who has is of the same tribe with anybody who also has. Being a Tanzanian, I thought, I would be discriminated against. Nay! I was comfortably at home.

You know what? If the freedom of Kenya makes sense, it makes more sense even to Indians in Industrial area than slum dwellers. Slums produce and breed "criminals and Mungiki" whilst Lavington and Industrial area produce rain makers and sharp shooters like Kamlesh-Kamani and Kibaki-Raila-Kalonzo! It is easier for Moi to iron out the difference between him and Kibaki than the mlalahoi to do the same with him.
Looking at the type of lives people-forgotten ones- live in above mentioned slums compared to Lavington, Muthaiga and the likes, one can comfortably assert and conclude that Kenya has only two tribes: those who have and who have not. There are those enjoying the fruits of freedom and those bearing the pangs and twangs of freedom.
To me, freedom is a mockery and abuse for the people living in Africa’s slums. Freedom is meaningful for the people living in posh and well to do suburbs. How can a person sharing sewage with pigs and all beasts of burden feel and enjoy freedom? Sadly though, the same is a good voter and burden bearer! How can a person groaning and gasping to put a full meal on the table -not to mention where to comfortably put his ribs- feel and enjoy the so-called freedom? This is but the freedom of doom! If he does, either he doesn’t know what he is enjoying or he is crazy and foolish. What does the situation on the ground tell?
In the neighbouring Tanzania, the hoi pollois who were tired of big headed Mkapa’s regime, goofed by trusting the current regime. I still sadly and vividly remember. Tanzanians voted in the so-called Tsunami magnitude as far as victory for the current president, Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete is concerned! Gosh! Ask them today. Where are they and in what situation? Of course, they are lamenting and regretting as to why the committed this sacrilege. If it were my venue and jurisdiction of decision making and command of the situation, I would honestly and strongly aver that Kenyans, like Tanzanians, are facing the hardest moment of their time to choose among and from many evils.
Let us face it and say it. Africa is down cascading just because of having self seekers in political outfits. Beware of grandiose promises and sweet words. To me, neither Kibaki, Raila nor Kalonzo fits to be president of Kenya. If any of them wishes and thinks to be one, he better explain reasonably why he did what he did for the failure of the nation. Again, all of them must seek forgiveness for doping Kenyans especially the hoi polloi.
By the way, politicians can say and promise any and everything. When it comes to delivering they are all the babies of the same mother-duplicity.

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