Dressing Table: Is It Fashion’s Most Kept Secret?

Published on 15th January 2008

How we arrange our bedrooms speaks volumes about how we dress. If one cannot remember where shirt A is, he will end up wearing shirt B together with jacket C. This will not be due to the fact that the two are matching, but for the reason that shirt A is nowhere to be found.


Having basic fashion ‘aid tools’ in your bedroom should be a priority if you want to make your fashion authority authentic. To begin with, one needs to be adventurous. You need more than a wardrobe to keep your fashion pace steady.


When I first heard of a dressing table, I did not understand what it meant and how much a necessity it would be to a businessperson and more so, to an African executive.  I considered it a reserve for palaces and model agencies. It never occurred to me that acquiring one would make my fashion-life easy and stress free.


This waist-high table with a mirror where one keeps cosmetics, jewelry and other accessories, usually comes with a separate stool to sit on while dressing or applying makeup. Although considered by many as a luxury, a good dressing table helps reduce bedroom clutter and enables one to organize their dressing modes and routine. When placed on the dressing table, finding a matching earring to a necklace is no major task. Locating the hair comb and other effects from the drawers is much easier. Take a look at your own bedroom; does it reflect what you would admire as a model room for the African elite? If your response is disappointing, then the answer to the ‘mayhem’ in your dressing code could be a dressing table.


Acquiring a dressing table can make a real difference to your personal look and style. It provides the perfect solution for the person with several accessories and a touch for routine hairdo and makeup. While a user is getting dressed or otherwise preparing their grooming, he/she can look at himself in the mirror to check their appearance, they can also easily access the accessories and cosmetics from the tabletop. In the event, one saves a lot of valuable time that can be spent making a dash for an early business meeting.


The table’s various drawers in which are placed cloth pins, hairpins, brushes and combs makes the dressing table an ideal fashion tool whose place in the bedroom is instrumental. Bottles of perfume, scented oil or the powder boxes, the manicure case among others should all have their places on the dressing table. (On one side of the table should stand a wardrobe and a shoe rack on the opposite side. However, this arrangement is subject to personal taste, room space and preference.)


It isn’t as much of a challenge to own a dressing table, as it may appear to be. One can use anything from an old piece of furniture to a ready-made shelf for an inexpensive dressing table. Some options would mean picking up an old sideboard or pair of drawer chests from the trash store, have it cleaned and polished with varnish. Any faulty parts can also be replaced or changed.


The advantage of utilizing an old piece of furniture is that you’ll save money because some dressing tables come at a fortune (especially those with fine finishes).  However, investing in a good dressing table will help ease your dressing coordination and plan. You can select and place on top of the dressing table items that you will require for the entire week, hence breaking the fashion uncertainties that characterize many people’s mornings.


Perhaps fashion’s most kept secret, a dressing table has been a less talked about piece of furniture whose name should be changed to: fashion vital tool.

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