American Blacks: An Endangered Species?

Published on 7th July 2008

B. Obama, black American

Since the beginning of recorded history, ruling governmental bodies of nearly every nation have involved themselves in implementing methods to maintain and defend their positions of established power against its minority group. The American Government is in no way an exception to this rule. The United States Government secretly uses every conceivable means and opportunity to suppress its Black population through its educational, judicial, and prison systems, but most detrimentally through a covert national campaign of psychological warfare. 

In spite of increased social mobility and apparent lessening of racial discrimination, present-day America remains largely divided along Black and White racial lines.  It is a separate and unequal society – one thriving and intact (White) and the other severely disenfranchised, struggling, and, far too often, Black. Multigenerational poverty in America remains largely a Black problem. The suicide rate among African American males between the ages of 15 and 19 has risen an astronomical 145% percent.  That is eight times higher than the rate of their White counterparts, and it is the highest it's ever been since figures have been kept on Blacks.  One study reveals that more Blacks have been killed by Blacks in the last twenty-five years than the entire number of American soldiers killed during the Vietnam War. Forty years ago, less than thirty percent of African Americans homes were headed by a single parent.  Today, that number has tragically risen above eighty percent—often creating many emotionally wounded Black children living with single parents. 
Never before have so many Black male youth so openly admired thuggery and pimping.  Never before have more of our young Black girls so routinely denigrated their gender.  The African-American high school drop-out rate is beyond that of previous generations.  It is presently above fifty-one percent. Never more than now, upon attaining wealth and success, have a greater number of Blacks deliberately rejected all potential Black spouses, preferring to marry only White spouses.  And never more than now have even the poorest of Blacks spent a greater percentage of their yearly earnings on Europeanizing cosmetic surgeries, bleaching skin creams, chemical hair softeners, and hair weaves.
The White Response 

When questioned why today’s generation of African Americans is plagued by persistent disparities, the common white response has been that the core problem lies totally with Blacks themselves. But are these premises correct?  Although tragically many Blacks themselves have come to accept them, such assertions are racist and totally inaccurate because the problems are contemporary ones that appeared only after integration and the abolishment of Jim Crow legalized racism and are not consistent with the history of African Americans.

This Problem is a Modern Phenomenon
The position that academic failures and drastic loss of scholastic motivation in Black students results from inherent intellectual inadequacies is patently inaccurate.  This modern-day problem is linked to integration.  Prior to the 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown vs. the Board of Education, and despite being relegated by Jim Crow policies to racial oppression, inequalities, indignities, and attending poorly funded schools, Black illiteracy (30% in 1919) had dropped to less than 7% by 1955. It had not only almost disappeared in the South, but in some areas, it was less than White illiteracy. In 1950, Black colleges had 71,000 students, and 553 African Americans had a Doctorate Degree.  The intellectual growth of African Americans was extraordinary. Their contributions in the fields of science, agriculture, medicine as well as domestic inventions during and following reconstruction were remarkably astounding.  This was evident by the overabundance of patent applications submitted by African American inventors to the U.S. Patent office. The current lack of educational aspiration and motivation among a significant number of African American students today is a modern occurrence inconsistent with the past history and behavior of African Americans. 

What then happened to the unrivaled racial pride, unity and cohesion, and ambitious perseverance that were once a part of Black American identity?  Several renown African American psychologists (Dr. Akbar, Hilliard, Nobles, etc...) suggest that the problem stems from a historic mentally slave indoctrination process. How have unity, racial pride, and educational aspiration, once hallmarks of Black identity so dramatically declined?  How did we African Americans become living contradictions of our former selves?  Do we accept the answer that they all disintegrated when integration and other subsequent opportunities became available?

In his last public and arguably most famous speech entitled “The Mountain Top” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., said (paraphrased here) that although he may not make it to the promised land [of equality for all Americans] that we as a nation nevertheless will get to the Promised Land.  Many Americans today believe that Dr. King’s dream has been for the most part, fully realized in America and that therefore consequently, Blacks failure to achieve is now perceived as totally the fault of Blacks alone.  But has Dr. King’s dream been fully realized in America, or are we all the victims of an elaborate illusion that equality now exists for all Americans? Today the illusion of opportunity and change has been so firmly established upon the national consciousness that to suggest that the current problems among Black America are now the results of White racism has become almost laughable.

There might also be charges of peddling victim hood in order to enjoy the moral advantage that victim-hood lends to emphasize this position, toward absolving Blacks from all responsibility.  Certainly, there are some Blacks who have wrongly peddled victim-hood and blame of Whites; however, today this scenario of the Black victim-hood peddler is deliberately over stated and perpetuated in America. This is deliberately done to prevent Blacks from realizing that there is actually a modern, deliberate system of racism implemented by America’s White governmental elites with the underlying objective of maintaining White dominance.

The CIA’s involvement in flooding the Black communities of Los Angeles with drugs and high powered weaponry is a clear example. For nearly 10 years, a Central Intelligence Agency operation sold crack cocaine along with sophisticated assault weapons to two Los Angeles youth gangs – the Cripps and the Bloods – and then ignited a blood bath of violence between them. These drugs and weaponry were then disseminated to many African American communities throughout the United States destroying the lives of millions of African Americans while stimulating the economy through the prison industry. Black America has never fully recovered from this governmental attack.                                                                                         

This fact was again made evident when for forty years between 1932 and 1972, the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) conducted dangerous syphilis experiments on four hundred Black men. Unbeknownst to these men, the U.S. Government infected them with syphilis (to believe that such a large number of Black share croppers were all naturally infected is ridiculously absurd) and told that they were being treated for "bad blood."  Their doctors, hired by the government, did not intend to cure them of syphilis at all.  These men were deliberately left to degenerate painfully with symptoms including blindness, tumors, paralysis, insanity and death – to allow the U.S. Government to collect the needed data from their autopsies.  Although this story was released by an Associated Press reporter, Jean Heller, on July 25, 1972, it still did not get an acknowledgment or apology from the U.S Government for yet another 25 years when, on May 16, 1997, President Clinton apologized to the eight remaining survivors. A federal program that targeted allegedly violent African American youth for brain-mutilating psychosurgery was hindered by a successful campaign launched by the Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (CSPP). Why have so many of us been kept in the dark concerning stories like these?

How is it possible that African Americans are 12 percent of the American population, but make up nearly 50% of those infected by AIDS and HIV? Should we really believe that the millions of African Americans infected by HIV and AIDS are all promiscuous, practicing homosexuals or intravenous drug users?  Is it more likely that they are victims of a virus made in a medical lab as a political ethnic weapon? Why did President Clinton (in January 2000) officially assign the National Security Council and the ClA to supervise the U.S. Government’s global campaign against AIDS instead of the U.S. Public Health Service and Center for Disease Control? 

This mass psychological conditioning program and media’s constant negative imagery of Black Americans is fraudulently inaccurate. It insinuates that America would be a better society as a whole if African Americans were gone, thus engendering increasingly prejudiced distorted perceptions and acrimonious beliefs about African Americans, making the nation and the entire world insensitive to their plight, tranquilizing efforts on their behalf, lessening pressure for social change on their behalf and making any serious criticism of White racism almost impossible today  and attempts discourage miscegenation between Blacks and whites.  It also creates a false justification for the legal system’s mistreatment of African Americans.


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