Euro - Asia Wars: Which Way for Africa?

Published on 21st October 2008

Africa in the Eyes of Asia
How can Africans put an end to an economic system which has excluded them from accumulating wealth for the last 500 years? They must first be aware that they are still living and working under the same racially divided economic system as their enslaved ancestors.

Today, China and India are threatening the hegemony of the West. They have understood how the game is played and are no longer satisfied with simply transforming raw materials into finished goods (secondary sector), a task they were assigned by the West. They now want control of the tertiary sector, the most lucrative, which whites had reserved exclusively for themselves. It was because Asians had the right knowledge that they were able to plan, then implement their strategy. They intentionally targeted the Western high tech industries in order to dominate the tertiary sector and have achieved their goal. Sharing the tertiary sector with Asians was certainly not what the West had in mind when they set up their racially segmented economic system, but that’s what the right information can do. It can trigger change.
The root of the present conflict between China and the West is precisely the racial division of labor in the economic system. The West has slowly been transferring the secondary sector to Asians since colonization. With the invention of the internet, the West hoped to transfer the entire secondary sector to Asia and concentrate wholly on the tertiary sector. However, their plan backfired as firstly, Asians are no longer satisfied with just looking after the secondary sector. They want a larger slice of the cake and are targeting the tertiary sector. Secondly, the number of jobs that the West hoped the new technologies would create has not materialized. As a result, both the West and the Asians are encroaching on each other’s sector.

Unlike Africans, Asians are capable of not only competing with whites in the secondary sector, but can even surpass them in their own sector, the tertiary sector. This creates conflict and explains the propaganda campaigns about tainted food and dangerous toys among others, that are being mounted against China in the West. When you understand that China dominates 94% of the world toy market, a very lucrative market, then you can understand why the West would like to take it back for their own toy manufacturers.

Many people do not understand that the underlying cause is the repositioning of both groups in the economic racial hierarchy as they fight for market share. This is why Lakshmi Mittal, an Indian magnate, was greeted with tremendous hostility in his bid to take over Arcelor, a French steel company, in 2006. Europeans were so enraged that Jacques Chirac, who was still president at the time, tried to stop the deal. Of course, most people did not understand the underlying stakes here as they are totally unaware of the racial makeup of our economic system.
Africa must understand that its richest resource is its people. Again propaganda has made Africans believe that foreign investors are absolutely essential to their economy and that Africa cannot survive without them. This is the type of propaganda they bombard Africans with all the time. It is totally false to assert that while Africa is not very important to the world economy, the world economy is very important to Africa, as illustrated by trade flows and trade policy. Africa has a population of 600 million people and an absolute advantage in the resources that the whole world needs. The rest of the world cannot do without Africa. That is why all the races on the planet are in Africa today. The quicker African people understand this, the quicker they can stop focusing on non Africans and start focusing on themselves.

Africans must begin to produce goods that their people use. Mahatma Ghandi brought an end to British domination in India by encouraging his people to stop wearing imported clothes from England but to wear their own. Africans must follow the advice of the Ivorian economist, Nicolas Agbohou, Le Franc Cfa et L’Euro contre l’Afrique (the French franc and the Euro against Africa) who explains why Africans must create a common currency. Africans from the Diaspora must increase their commercial ties with the continent by setting up more joint ventures in the motherland but be especially careful that the company they are doing business with in Africa is truly African owned, and not just a ‘front’ company. These are quite widespread in Africa as they have been created in order to prevent wealth falling into African hands.
Everything must be done to reduce conflict in Africa. Our people must be made to understand that all wars in Africa are used to generate trillions of dollars for Western companies through sale of arms and rebuilding of roads, bridges, schools and hospitals among others (secondary/tertiary sector) that Africans destroyed in their folly. Africans must develop their own defense system without buying weapons from the West, in order to keep their military strength secret. This was Saddam Hussein’s mistake. They knew exactly what his planes and his rockets could do because western companies had supplied him with all his military material.
Africa must move in the same direction as the Bolivian and Venezuelean presidents who have taken steps to secure their resources for the indigenous population. This is the reason the West hates Chavez. If Africans continue to send their wealth to enrich other people, how can they expect to end their poverty? It is no longer acceptable to hear African governments say they do not know how much money western oil companies take out of their countries every year. The time has come to put an end to this kind of laxism. African people are partly responsible for the horrendous deaths that have occurred on this planet, since it is our resources that were used to create the most deadly weapons (atomic and nuclear) on the planet today.
African governments should do much more to support local entrepreneurs, researchers, and inventors among others, to stop the brain drain from the continent. Also, our young people should be encouraged to master the new technologies so that they can be used for the benefit of African people.

Instead of always begging the West to reduce their debt and subsidies to Western farmers, Africans must demand that the West prove that they really want to “empower Africans.” This would give Africans ample reason to retake control of their mineral resources, develop their own domestic market and introduce their own common currency. We must seriously begin to challenge the rules of international commerce which keeps Africa locked into poverty.  
Racial division of labour also operates domestically. We can find its replica in every part of the world. Take the USA for example, the people who live in the ghettos, mainly people of African descent, represent the primary sector of the economy. As the “tillers of the soil” they do all the menial and backbreaking work necessary as construction and factory workers, maids and security guards. While Africans blame their political leaders for their plight, it is the parents and young black males who are held responsible for the problems in the American ghettos. The real culprit- a racially segregated economic system which excludes the ghetto from creating wealth is not even vaguely suggested. Black men have been intentionally removed from the workforce by imprisonment and replaced by black females. As a result, many African American households have now become single headed female households.

According to Dr Claude Anderson, promoting the black woman is simply a strategy to ensure that wealth in the US remains in the hands of the white population since to truly lift most African American families out of poverty, they need households earning not one, but two salary incomes. The Asians as the “race of workers” are involved in textile distribution, restaurants, retail shops and people of European descent, “the race of rulers and soldiers,” are involved in banking, insurance and media among others.

I hope that African Americans now have a better understanding why Koreans control the black hair care industry in American inner cities and why their government prefers to bring in Asian immigrants rather than invest in improving their lives, although they have been there as long as and even longer than people of European descent. These are the same reasons why other industrialized countries continue to foster poverty in their midst. 

Another strategy they use is to promote people like Rama Yada or Condoleeza Rice to high positions, to appease the people in the primary sector who are excluded from society, by giving them the false illusion that they too have a fair chance of escaping from the ghetto. It is important for our people to understand that it is only African people that can change their situation. 

By Junious Ricardo Stanton

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