Botswana: Job Cuts Fears Increase As Debswana Re-Open

Published on 26th January 2009

Emmegi has reported that work resumes soon at Debswana Diamond Company's three mines in an atmosphere of job insecurity and the possibility that the shutdown will be extended. As the global economic recession reduced Botswana diamond sales close to zilch in the last two months of 2008, Debswana gave its employees a four-week extended holiday in December as a cost-saving measure. Sources close to the company say the diamond miner will soon announce cuts in capital spending, production and jobs. Another measure being considered is extending the shutdown until there is an improvement in the current global economic turmoil.

UNAMID Reminds Darfur Movements of its Neutrality

UNAMID has noted with concern that since the fighting started on 15 January in Muhajeriya, South Darfur, warring factions have been deploying in the vicinity of UNAMID camps in South Darfur. UNAMID reminds all parties involved in the fighting of the neutral position of the Mission and that UNAMID is deployed in Darfur to implement its mandated tasks including the protection of civilians. The deployment of warring factions in the vicinity of any UNAMID camp does not only jeopardize the safety and security of its personnel and installations, but also of the civilian populations who have moved close to the perimeters of the camps to seek refuge from the fighting.

Luanda and Gaborone to Be Linked Through Air

The cities of Luanda and Gaborone might be connected by air, should the Angolan authorities approve a draft accord on this, which was submitted in the middle of last year by Botswana's government, according to Angola press.A communiqué issued by the Angolan embassy in that country. According to the document, Botswana government intends to establish with the Angolan authorities an air accord which is aimed at guaranteeing the affectivity of the flights that will link the capital cities of the two countries. As is stated by the draft document sent to the Angolan Ministry of Transports, through the Angolan diplomatic mission in Botswana, the accord has as objective to contribute to development of civil aviation in a regional and international context, through the establishment of inside and extra border services.

Mandela's Wife Lashes Out at Mugabe

Graca Machel, the wife of former South African president Nelson Mandela this week became the latest prominent activist to speak out against the Robert Mugabe regime, publicly calling it an illegitimate rule. Machel, whose influence as the widow of Mozambique's first president has given her heady weight as a rights activist, was part of the delegation of the Elders that was barred from visiting Zimbabwe last year. The group was denied visa rights to visit the country on a fact finding mission in a move that emphasised the dictatorship's determination to keep the country's devastating crises under wraps.



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