Arabs Must Work with Africans

Published on 5th April 2010

I wish to comment on  the article Africa’s Unity: Arabs Have a Hidden Agenda published in The African Executive. How has this issue progressed? I thought that there had been a biological integration of the two peoples in Libya and Tunisia among others. Is there a marked distinction between the Arabs and original Africans in that region?

If so, I wish Africans would stop being so forgiving to conquerors who have abused them and be more forgiving to themselves. The funny thing is the way Africa was split up. We are actually fighting our own tribes-people in most cases. If we can turn the other cheek for the Europeans, we should turn the other cheek with ourselves in the name of progress and rediscovering our identity and pride.

I'm Nebele Zimbabwean, but after 25 years, I am willing to shake Mugabe's hand in peace for the sake of our people and moving on.  Hate does me no good, I cannot change the past. If people are willing to move on, I can find forgiveness. Give the African people a few years living in the West, let them see how the West  really sees them and they will start to appreciate their land and history.

We should stop being ashamed of slavery and colonialism and start speaking about our experiences openly. Only in speaking the truth will we realise the gravity of what we have overcome and have an understanding of how much we need to do to put ourselves back together. We need to do this soon. Let people’s eyes be opened through the internet and television among others. Let them understand how what we think is worthless is valuable to the western world, and how they are all circling to get a piece of us.

China and Asia are next. If we are invaded again, the invaders won't make the mistake of keeping us alive on this continent again. Just look at the current population figures for each of the African countries, then look at the population figures for European countries who live off Africa. You can fit Europe, China and the South America into the continent of Africa. There are 65 million people in England (an island) but under 10 million in Guinea. If they were colonised again, England has more than enough people to replace it. We can't afford to let this issue go unchecked in places such as Chad and Sudan. East and West Africa needs to help them re-instate their borders.

One day Libya’s borders will be knocking on the very states that stood and watched. One thing I tell people in Europe is that Africa does not manufacture weapons/arms. But yet you see rebels fighting for 10 to 20 years in new boots, uniforms, and western guns. These are poor people with a grievance. Where did they get the money when they own nothing per se? The West will supply these arms under the guise of foreign aid, charity work etc, and yet encourage destabilisation of states who have the minerals and crops they want to plunder.

Africa's enemy is not the Idi Amins and the Mugabe's. It's the Western, Chinese and Asian nations who talk of 'disgraceful' corruption in Africa while feeding and encouraging this corruption under cover of flowery diplomatic dialogue.  If you look behind most of these sustained wars and coups in Africa, you will find a western interest. Just look at white South Africa all poised for the demise of Mugabe so they can grab the diamonds.

I've been amongst former South African land owners in England and that's all they can talk about. It's not a joke. If we [Africans]stand together we, will have the opportunity to talk through our  problems without using the barrel of  the gun.

By Ebony Rein.

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