Africa’s Challenges Need Proactive Solutions

Published on 9th April 2013

Donor agencies and aid groups recently gathered in Doha to raise $7.2 billion (5.5 billion euros) for a six-year effort to move Darfur away from food handouts and other emergency aid, laying the foundation for lasting development. Sudan’s Darfur region experienced a decade-long conflict that left 200,000 people dead.

The gathering came hot in the heels of another AU led fundraiser that sought to stabilize Mali. In the fundraiser, African nations and members of the wider international community pledged more than $455 million to assist an African-led military intervention in Mali.  Africa should embrace the ‘prevention is better than cure’ approach to its challenges. The human causation of challenges such as famine, conflict over resources, and poverty must be addressed. Short of this, the spate of conflict and disasters will be a never ending cycle that will to consume time as well as human and material resources unnecessarily.

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