Kenya Must Tame Insecurity

Published on 14th May 2013

The Kenya government must play its proper role to safeguard the lives and property of its citizenry. The increased rate of violent criminal activity in Kenya that has seen dozens of innocent civilians wounded, maimed or murdered in cold blood raises alarming questions: Is the state machinery engrossed in bureaucratic concerns at the expense of the interests of the majority of Kenyans?  Has the government succumbed to what most governments do—create problems and pose as solution givers? Are innocent Kenyans being sacrificed at the altar of political expediency?

The national government should not use acts of criminality as an excuse to scuttle the constitutional mandates of county governments. A harmonious approach must be found to enable both national and county governments to effectively manage causes of insecurity. Kenya’s expanded governance structure urgently requires a stable and peaceful environment to enable investors both local and international to generate wealth and revenue to support government operations. Insecurity is a major obstacle to Kenya’s quest to develop and deliver services to the citizenry.

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