South Sudan a Big Test for African Strategies

Published on 23rd December 2013

The warring factions in the Republic Of South Sudan will do well to heed President Yoweri Museveni’s piece of advice during the young nation’s 2nd independence anniversary. Speaking at the celebrations held at John Garang Memorial Gounds, the Ugandan leader said that Africans have occasionally tempted the world into intervening in Africa and consequently subjugating it. “We lead outsiders into temptation by being weak. How do we weaken ourselves? By religious conflicts, sectarianism and lack of organization. Those internal weaknesses invite foreigners to oppress Africa.”

If the young nation values its independence, the political actors must desist from armed conflict and embrace dialogue. Failure to do this will invite intervention and undermining of independence. The warring factions in the young nation should adorn sobriety, avoid sacrificing the young state on the altar of short term gains and know that the nation was born from concerted efforts – internal and external. The Republic of South Sudan is bigger than the political class.

Meanwhile, the world is keenly watching what Africa’s regional economic communities and African Union are doing to restore calm in the disintegrating country. The crisis in South Sudan tests the African Strategies and 'African solutions to African problems' mantra. The best festive season gift that the people of Southern Sudan require is peace, security and ability to go about their business.

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