Ethiopia: Who Released The Monster Out Of His Cage?

Published on 25th June 2019

I express my deepest condolences to the Ethiopian people and the families of those who were cowardly murdered while on their respective duties. You are our martyrs!

Let’s talk about the hard facts. I think it is time to ask “who is to blame for all of this to begin with?” Though I understand that it may not be the right time for finger pointing, I believe that we need to start talking about it right away before it is too late.

Here are the few facts that we know about the coward General who is said to be behind all this cowardly act. We know that he once was an (officer?) in the Derg’s army and who was once captured by the gallant forces of TPLF. This coward received the mercy of the ever confident leaders of the TPLF and was, after some indoctrination, incorporated in the ranks and file of the armed struggle. Once EPRDF took control of the country, he rose to the ranks of Brigadier General in the Ethiopian Army. That seemed to be not enough to this ungrateful coward. Not long after, he was caught red handed conspiring with the enemies of Ethiopia such as Ginbot 7. He was sentenced to life by the court after reviewing the damning evidences. However, on the name of Medemer, our new leader “King Abiy” decided to release this beast from his cage where he was supposed to remain for the rest of his life.

King Abiy, not only released him from prison but reinstated his ranks and retirement benefits. It did not stop there, The Amhara Region made him a hero out of a captured coward and made him the head of their security forces. Bolstered by the empty adulation and the false stature, he realized he could be even better that what he was. Then he decided to do what he did, costing the lives of two decorated generals, including three leaders of the region.

So, all this begs a question. Who is to blame for all this? Is it not the master of empty rhetoric Abiy Ahmed? Should he not have known the saying that ”Once a cheat always a cheat”? Instead of jailing generals for very suspicious reasons without due court process (Brigadier General Kinfe Dagnew,Colonel Benyam Tewolde), he decided to release a proven criminal who was convicted for treason with all evidence. The General could not resist the urge to one more time do what he used to do: a coup!

Although I hesitate to call all this a coup d’état due to its very regionalized character, it still reminds us of the guilt that threw this convict to prison in the first place. The irony is that the ones who were supposed to be out of jail were thrown into jail in an unceremonious way while a proven triple deserter got out with all the benefits. The result is what we witnessed on Saturday.

The Prime Minister might have gotten some shortlived fame for his easy-to-do actions that I call the low hanging fruits, but the consequences of his cheap actions and utter disregard to the rule of law have just started to show. The damage will most likely linger around for longer.

Now that you witnessed what your pardoned hero did,  your Excellency Abiy, do we get a short “I am sorry, I made a mistake”? I do not think so. You do not have the right fabric to admit a mistake. Remember, Mr Prime Minister, you are the one to blame for all this. You are to blame for the death of Generals SeAre and GezaE. You are to blame for the death of Dr. Ambachew and the other two regional leaders.  If I let a vicious dog out of his leash knowing that it has a habit of biting people and, if this dog ends up biting someone, who do you think is to blame? I hope you don’t say “the dog”! The vicious dog does what a vicious dog does: attack people! You see my point, your Excellency? You let a convicted traitor out for the sake of your good name, and look what happened.

You are also to blame for all the chaos and instability in the country due to your failure to perform your duties. Instead of choosing to do only the things that would make you look good (carrying a broom around Addis, very funny!), you should focus on the deepening problems that are eating and breaking up the country. Can you please say “I am sorry, I made a mistake”? That would make me feel a bit better. But, I do not expect that kind of humility from a man who loves to talk about himself and who is so obsessed with himself.

You seem to be oblivious of the facts on the ground or maybe you just do not care, because I heard you say while you were talking to the people in Axum that there is no problem in the country whatsoever. That makes you look a hypocrite, or an incompetent at best.

You, Sir, should have known better or cared enough. You keep failing me!!!!

Rest In Peace those who lost their lives and I hope we come stronger and wiser out of this sad episode of our history.

God Bless Ethiopia!

By TeKa.

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