Africa: A Poster Continent for Poverty?

Published on 20th August 2019

Having lived in the United States of America for three decades with quantifiable and verifiable presence, I get amused when I attend events where those who have visited Africa present their impressions about the continent – Africa.

In their exuberance to present Africa and impress their mostly ignorant and limited scope audience, they falsely think it is one country while Africa is 54 nations; all as different and distinct as human fingerprints. Their subject of discourse is POVERTY and/or ADOPTION. Given their latter-day-saint mentality, they are rescuers and saviours of Africa having invested some money and gotten red carpet and/or adopted an African child – like Madonna. It makes front page news. They desire awards and are hailed as humanitarians – why not, everyone is a legend and when one helps poor Africans – OMG they desire a place next to God.

Millions of African children are cared for and raised by their own but when one westerner or foreigner shows up and adopts an African child – The White Knight just saved Africa. If I had grown up in Nigeria, attended college and worked before migrating to US – by CHOICE, watched my parents render public service, travelled extensively in all types of circles, I would have thought Africa is a new INVENTION just getting discovered. Such practices are annoying and disturbing.

Every human race has needed assistance and help but using minimal assistance to paint false narratives is fraudulent. But again, Africa allows it. When one becomes a doormat like my mom stated to me – they get stepped on or over. It is a human reflex action – the down may stay down because people are not in the habit of looking down but UP.

That said, here are some views of mine about motherland Africa. Am happy though to be in fatherland America; my country of choice by design.

China has no chance in Africa, however, since Africans are given to taking from any and everybody, it is up to her what happens to her.

Were China a country in Africa, on Per Capita Income ranking, it is will be #13 and India will be #37.

However, China has managed to put her best foot forward making it look like they are the new best thing since sliced bread.

For a beggar continent like Africa where they don’t discern who they get in bed with, they behave like PROSTITUTE available to any bidder.

When the desirable is not available, the available by default becomes desirable – that is Africa-4-You.

90% of Chinese are POORER than every one in Africa.

95% of Indians are POORER than everyone in Africa.

Yet Africa is the poster continent for POVERTY because the black race as depicted by Africa, has not learned how to manage its appearance to attract respect because they want SYMPATHY – just like BEGGARS.

Keep chewing.

Ejike E. Okpa

Dallas, Texas.

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