Donald Trump: Rethink the Immigration Stance

Published on 20th August 2019

Mr. President and Mr. Cuccinelli, what would you know!

I am an immigrant myself and a proud naturalized citizen. Lately, the current president and some of his top officials are breaking my heart. Not long ago, the president himself asked the four congresswomen to go back to where they came from if they do not agree with the way the country is being governed. And yesterday, his top official for the Immigration, Mr. Cuccinelli, stated that America would only accept those “…who can stand on their two feet and will not become a public charge.”

Regardless of all that heartless comments from the top officials of the government, I still will love this country and will be ready to defend it against its enemies if called upon. This was my pledge during my swearing ceremony to become a naturalized citizen. There is nothing that will make me break my promise to this land of opportunity that gave a second chance of hope for the better for me and my family.

Mr. Cuccinelli,  I can tell you unequivocally that your statement is redundant because the vast majority of those who chose America as their refugee from any kind of hardship are people ready to work hard and better themselves and their families left behind.

Mr Cuccinelli, you may not have had a chance to work in the slaughterhouses or in the meat packing plants. I have. And I have worked in all capacities up to becoming part of management. I have witnessed how the vast majority of immigrants (Mexicans, Africans, South Koreans etc.) work hard to make sure that their kids go to college. I have witnessed mostly immigrant employees work 70 to 80 hours a week to make sure that their families the families that they left behind have something to eat. There has been a time when I had to force some of them take a one-day break in a long streak of non-stop working days.

Sir, we the immigrants know only one thing: Work hard and excel! We know that the only way to live a decent life and ensure that our kids have a better future is by working hard and honestly. Please check the statics and you will find that most immigrants send their kids to college. No sending your kids to college is not an option for an immigrant. It is a matter of dignity and pride. I have two kids of my own and my daughter just graduated last May and my son is starting his second year this September.

Sir, you do not have to worry about an immigrant becoming a burden to the economy because the statics shows quite the contrary. There are less immigrants than citizens who benefit from the social network. There is no benefit for those who are undocumented. I thought you should know that better than I do. Therefore, your comment was uncalled for and is redundant.

Mr President, this is for you, I never was fan of yourself. It is not because I lean towards the democratic platform but because I have a good common sense. I would never vote for a person that behaves like a tyrant and whines like a 5 years old child. I can list all the things that you have said or done that would make me not even consider you for any government office. It would take a book by itself. This, however, does not mean that I hate this country. To the contrary, in fact. I care so much of the reputation and direction of the USA that I am appalled to see a hater in the White House. I did not become a Naturalized Citizen just to shut up. For that, I could have remained in my repressive country. I did not become a citizen for you to tell me that If I do not agree with you I should go back to where I came from. You keep saying that the people that disagree with you do not love this country. You cannot be any more wrong. In fact, those who love the USA are the ones that are supposed to voice their disagreement and views. Those four brave women have the same right as you do Sir. They are brave enough; they love this country enough that they opted to serve the public. Insulting those who disagree with you does not make you a better citizen. it does not mean that I agree with some of their views, but they are still entitled to their views. You see no wrong with the KKK, to my dismay, though, a congresswoman expressing her view in the most peaceful way is an expression of hate for this country? Really Mr. President?

Mr President, please remember that we the immigrants came to this country believing that we would be treated fairly and that we would not be told to go back to where we came from if, as any human, have opinions. We came to this beautiful and kind country believing that it will embrace us with its kind hands and would not judge us based on our political views. Believe me, the vast majority of documented immigrants are law abiding and hardworking people who have the utmost respect and love for this country. You should not be surprised if most do not vote for you, I mean, the ones who are eligible to vote like me.

Mr. President, I probably have paid more taxes than you. I cannot tell about yours but I have paid more than $150, 000 in taxes. How much have you paid? Have you at all? If you love your country, pay your taxes,

Mr. President, Mr. Cuccinelli: Please stop demonizing the immigrants. After all, we all are immigrants including you.


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