Setting the Records Right: The War is Abiy Ahmed Ali Versus Tigrai

Published on 15th December 2020

Right now, Ethiopia has no government. Western media and governments may refer to the Ethiopia federal government or Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali but all this is wrong. Abiy Ahmed’s time expired on September 25 in the Geez Calendar which is October 6, 2020 in the European Calendar.
Elected European and North American, Australian, New Zealand Prime Ministers cannot violate their constitution twice and extend their term in office indefinitely and still be called Prime Ministers. Abiy Ahmed Ali postponed elections from November 2020 to August 2020 violating the constitution.  He postponed elections for the second time indefinitely using Covid-19 as pretext and still violated the Ethiopian constitution. 
The Tigrai government proceeded to do the election per the constitution and asked for Abiy Ahmed’s facilitation.  Abiy Ahmed declined forcing the Tigrai Government to follow the constitution and do the election on due time.  Abiy Ahmed threatened to bomb Tigrai and make the women and children of Tigrai cry.
Since Abiy came to power, he has blocked the road to Tigrai from Addis Ababa which is the main highway connecting Tigrai to the rest of Ethiopia. He cut the budget to Tigrai and donor money to the region. 
On the midnight of November 3, according to my source in Eritrea, Abiy Ahmed Ali and Issayas Afeworki were preparing for war. November 3 was the day scheduled for the Planet Hotel Operation.  The operation was planned to last only few hours. Special commandos were trained for more than two years in Eritrea. 

On November 3, all was ready.  My sources state that there was a big disagreement in the Shabia house about the operation. Most of Shabia or Issayas Afeworki’s top brass officials were not forthcoming to endorse the operation of Planet Hotel Operation in Mekelle. Some of the Eritrean intelligence informed the Tigrai government about the operation on time.  

Issayas and Abiy dispatched their special commandos in two helicopters from Massawa airport and headed to Mekelle airport. The Tigrai government was ready to welcome them and sources say that all were shot, and their body bags were sent to Addis Ababa the next day.  The Tigrai government aborted the Planet Hotel Operation. The operation was designed to capture or kill Tigrai government officials while sleeping in the hotel at midnight.  The Tigrai government moved fast and took over the North Command because there were also groups in the North Command who were expected to join the operation which included only Amhara ethnics.  

The Tigrai government did not attack the North Command but discussed with them. A majority decided to stand with Tigrai government and few of them decided not to get involved in the unfolding infighting.  Those who decided not to get involved were disarmed and integrated into the community to live in peace until things are sorted out.  Ann estimated 99% of the North Command became Tigrai Defense force.
The war in Tigrai was never started by Tigrai government attacking North Command.  The Tigrai government had no issue with North Command. The fighting that was heard in Mekelle is the fighting at the airport when the 400 special commandos were descending in Mekelle airport.  

Abiy Ahmed Ali himself admitted he sent two helicopters and soldiers on the midnight of November 3 to deliver new bank notes.  Remember Abiy had sent commandos earlier to do the same operation before but they were then rounded up at their airport in Mekelle and disarmed and sent back to Addis peacefully.  When Abiy was asked who sent them and why, he said he did not know about it. 
The fake propaganda propagated by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Tipor Nagi and Abiy Ahmed Ali is fake to cover up their crime. Mike Pompeo and Tipor Nagi also propagated lies that the war is between the Ethiopian Federal government and TPLF.  
The war in Tigrai is not only done by Abiy Ahmed Ali but also by about 420,000 Eritrean forces and about 250 000 Ethiopian forces, 5000 Somali forces plus Saudi and UAE drones.  This means Tigrai Defense forces have been fighting about 680 000 soldiers.  All the facts must be told as they are. 

By Gebre Selema

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