Urgent Call Not to Finance the East African Crude Oil Pipeline

Published on 2nd March 2021

We, the undersigned 263 civil society organisations (CSOs), are writing to you to share our deep concern about your potential participation in a $2.5 billion project finance loan for the construction of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP) project. French oil major Total, together with the governments of Uganda and Tanzania and Total’s project partner, the Chinese state-owned oil firm CNOOC, are pushing towards reaching the already much-delayed Final Investment Decision on the EACOP early this year.

This project is facing widespread and growing resistance. In 2020, a global petition against the project gained over one million signatories. In November 2020 in Uganda, over 877 petitioners - including 810 directly affected people - signed a petition to Total and the other EACOP project developers. They called on the oil companies to prioritise environmental conservation and community livelihoods over the EACOP project.

Legal challenges to the project have also arisen, including a petition in the East African Court of Justice and a court case against Total in France. Civil society members and journalists who have highlighted these and other risks have been intimidated and even arrested.

The undersigned 263 CSOs from across the world stand in solidarity with the directly affected communities and with local CSOs defending community rights, in addition to key environmental resources that are at risk because of the EACOP. We represent CSOs from 49 countries, including 84 organisations from the affected countries of Uganda, Kenya and DR Congo.

The proposed 1,445-kilometer crude oil pipeline from Hoima in Uganda to the port of Tanga in Tanzania would, if completed, be the longest heated crude oil pipeline in the world. The risks of this project to people and nature in the affected countries, and to the world’s climate have been extensively documented, including in a recent Risk Briefing for Financiers. These include: significant human rights impacts to local people through physical displacement and threats to incomes and livelihoods; unacceptable risks to water, biodiversity and natural habitats; as well as unlocking a new source of carbon emissions that will either prove financially unviable or produce unacceptable climate harm.

Negative Impacts on Communities and Rights

As currently planned, the EACOP will pass through 178 villages in Uganda and 231 in Tanzania, leading to
massive physical and economic displacement. An estimated 14,000 households across Uganda and Tanzania have lost or will lose land as a result of the pipeline; hundreds of families will need to be resettled; and thousands more will be affected by the associated oil development projects.

Between 2018 and 2019, Total placed cut-off dates for compensation on the properties of over 5,000 households in Uganda whose land is being acquired to develop the pipeline. Through the cut-off date, Total stopped people from using their land to grow income-generating (cash) and perennial food crops, in addition to stopping them from setting up new developments. To date, the people are yet to be compensated amidst the above limitations. This has left people impoverished. The impacts of this increased poverty are being felt by women, parents, children, the elderly and others.

Immense Threats to Water Resources and Biodiversity

As well as severe impacts on local communities and their rights, the pipeline threatens one of the world’s most ecologically diverse, wildlife-rich regions. It threatens Uganda’s oldest and largest nature reserve, the Murchison Falls National Park, which would be opened up to large-scale oil extraction at a time when the world is acting to urgently reduce its reliance on fossil fuels.

Nearly 2,000 square kilometres of protected wildlife habitats will be negatively impacted by the EACOP project. In Uganda, the pipeline will impact the Taala and Bugoma Forest Reserves, the latter home to large groups of Eastern Chimpanzees. Some 500 square kilometres of wildlife corridors for the Eastern Chimpanzee and African Elephant are likely to be severely degraded.

In Tanzania, the pipeline will run through key biodiversity areas including the Biharamulo Game Reserve and Wembere Steppe Key Biodiversity Area. It will also put two important Ecologically or Biologically Significant Marine Areas at high risk from the huge amount of oil to be transferred offshore at the Tanga Port. The project will also directly impact several Ramsar Wetlands, including the Murchison Falls-Albert Delta Wetland System and a number of Ramsar sites lying just west of Lake Victoria, including the Lake Nabugabo System, the Nabajjuzi System, and the Sango Bay-Musambwa Island.

Oil spills from the EACOP pose a particularly worrying risk of further devastating human impacts. About onethird of the EACOP will be built in the Lake Victoria basin, a source of water and livelihoods for up to 40 million people. To put major national parks, wetlands, rivers and lakes, not to mention the livelihoods of millions at risk, is as dangerous as it is unacceptable.

Undermining efforts to combat climate change

The construction of EACOP will unlock commercial exploitation of multiple oil fields in landlocked Uganda.
Further expansion of the fossil fuel industry, including the construction of new oil pipelines and related infrastructure, is incompatible with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and manifestly irresponsible at a time when the catastrophic impacts of global warming are becoming increasingly clear.

According to the project’s website, the EACOP will carry 216,000 barrels of crude oil per day at ‘plateau production.’ The emissions from burning that oil would release an estimated 34.3 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent (CO2e) per year, an amount that dwarfs the current annual emissions of Uganda and Tanzania combined, and is roughly equivalent to the carbon footprint of nearly nine coal-fired power plants.

“Unlocking East Africa’s potential”?

Moreover, in economic terms, the project does not stack up. The value of Uganda’s oil reserves has fallen by some 70% over the past five years as oil prices have fallen. This value will fall further in the global low-carbon transition. The project risks driving Uganda and Tanzania deeper into unsustainable debt, all for oil revenues which will amount to “peanuts”.

Contrary to what proponents argue, the EACOP will not “unlock East Africa’s potential”. East Africa needs energy security based on widespread rollout of renewables and the millions of clean jobs that come with it, and it needs to protect its natural heritage. At this critical juncture, it needs governments, financial institutions and the energy industry squarely focused on the task of managing a just transition to a lowcarbon future. African countries should not be left behind as others transition. This is especially so, given Africa’s extreme vulnerability to climate change. Certainly, no government, financial institution, company or investor that cares for Africa and humanity’s wellbeing should support projects that will lock the continent into fossil fuel projects that are likely to become stranded assets. The EACOP is doing exactly this.

Our call on banks

South Africa’s Standard Bank, including its Ugandan subsidiary Stanbic, China’s ICBC and Japan’s SMBC are known to be acting as advisors to the EACOP project to help it secure the $2.5 billion project loan required for construction.

From these banks we demand:

• Cease your bank’s involvement as a financial advisor to the project. Additionally, we call on all banks and all financial institutions with a business relationship to Total and CNOOC to:

• Publicly commit not to participate in financing the EACOP project or associated oil projects;

• Engage with the governments of Uganda and Tanzania and other financiers to promote an energy future for East Africa that does not rely on oil or other fossil fuels, but rather on clean energy alternatives; and

• Demand that Total acts immediately to provide full, fair and adequate compensation to people already affected by the pipeline for the impacts to their land, in accordance with international human rights standards.

Our organisations collectively pledge to continue to carefully monitor the situation and act as necessary. Given the urgency of the matter we seek a response from you on this letter as soon as possible, but no later than 26th March. We would welcome the opportunity to arrange a meeting to discuss these matters further.


Africa Institute for Energy Governance (AFIEGO), Uganda - Dickens Kamugisha, CEO BankTrack, Netherlands - Johan Frijns, Director
Inclusive Development International, USA - David Pred, Executive Director
IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands (IUCN NL), Netherlands - Mr. Coenraad Krijger, Director
350Africa.org, Landry Ninteretse, Africa Managing Director
Action Coalition on Climate Change (ACCC), Uganda - Name withheld
Alliance for food Sovereignty in Africa , Uganda - Million Belay , General Coordinator
Association of Oil-affected Youth, Uganda - Name withheld
Buliisa Initiative for Rural Development Organisation (BIRUDO), Uganda - Name withheld
Center for Constitutional Governance (CCG), Uganda - Name withheld
Center For Food and Adequate Living Rights (CEFROHT), Uganda - Name withheld
Centre for Citizens Conserving (CECIC), Uganda - Name withheld
Centre for Energy Governance, Uganda - Name withheld
Centre for Sustainability Innovation and Research (CSIR), Uganda - Name withheld
Citizens Concern Africa (CICOA), Uganda - Name withheld
Environmental Governance Institute, Uganda - Name withheld
Graffen Organisation, Butimba, Uganda - Name withheld
Guild Presidents’ Forum on Governance, Uganda - Name withheld
Karambi Action for Life Improvement, Uganda - Name withheld
Kwataniza Women’s Organisation, Uganda - Name withheld
National Union Of Persons with Disabilities of Uganda, Uganda - Name withheld
Oil Refinery Residents Association (ORRA), Uganda - Name withheld
South Western Institute for Policy and Advocacy (SOWIPA), Uganda - Name withheld
Twimukye Women’s Organisation, Uganda - Name withheld
Witness Radio - Uganda, Uganda - Jeff W. Ssebaggala, Country Director
World Voices Uganda, Uganda - Name withheld
Youth for Green Communities, Uganda - Aryampa Brighton, Director
Action de Développement pour la Protection de l’Environnement et la promotion des Droits Humains
(ADPEDH), DR Congo - LOBILO EPHREM, Coordonnateur
Action Humanitaire pour le Développement (AHDD), DR Congo - Russel OMELESA, Directeur
Action Paysanne Contre la Faim, DR Congo - Henri Lumbu, Coordonnateur
African Resources Watch (Afrewatch), DR Congo - Umpula Nkumba Emmanuel , Executive Director
Alerte Congolaise pour l’Environnement et les Droits de l’Homme (ACEDH), DR Congo - Olivier NDOOLE,
Association des Femmes pour le Développement Intégral (AFDI), DR Congo - Antoinette DUSI, Coordinatrice
Association des Filles Mères (AFM), DR Congo - MBABAZI DHEVE Julienne, Coordinnatrice
Association des Mamans pour la Lutte contre le Traumatisme (A.M.A.L.U.T), DR Congo - Raciw MODESTINE,
Burea De Veille et de Governance des Ressources Naturelles, DR Congo - Joseph BOBIA, Coordonnateur
Bureau d’Études et d’appui au Développement du territoire de Walikale (BEDEWA), DR Congo - Prince
KIHANGI, Coordonnateur
Bureau de Développement Communautaire (BDC), DR Congo - Henri BAHIGWA, Représentant
Bureau d'Etudes Scientifiques et Techniques , DR Congo - Philippe Ruvunangiza, Directeur
Cadre de Concertation de la société civile de l’Ituri sur les Ressources Naturelles (CdC/RN), DR Congo - Jimmy
MUNGURIEK UFOY, Secrétaire Permanent
Centre congolais pour le droit du développement durable, CODED, DR Congo - Erick KASSONGO, DirecteurbExécutif
Centre d' Education pour la Protection de l'Environnement et Développement durable (CEPED), DR Congo - Mr. Eddy KAMBALE SIWAYITIRA, Coordinator
Centre de Recherche sur l'Environnement, la Démocratie et les Droits de l'Homme (CREDDHO), DR Congo - Name withheld
Charity Distressed Children (CDC), DR Congo - Safi LUTULA, Coordinnatrice
Conseil Régional des Organisations Non Gouvernementales de Développement, DR Congo - Dieudonné
Tshimpidimbua, Secrétaire Exécutif
CORAP, Coalition des Organisation de la Société Civile pour le Suivi des Réformes et de l'Action Publique , DR Congo - Emmanuel MUSUYU, Secrétaire Technique
Dynamique pour le Droit, la Démocratie et le Développement Durable, D5, DR Congo - Roger Mavungu Kama, Secrétaire Exécutif
Environnement Saint et Durable pour Tous (EST), DR Congo - Pascal MUKO, Coordonnateur
Fédération des Comités des Pêcheurs Individuels du Lac Edouard (FECOPEILE), DR Congo - Josué KAMBASU KATSUVA MUKURA, Secrétaire Général
Femmes Solidaires , DR Congo - Elolo Salomè , Executive director
Fondation de l'est des jeunes entrepreneurs du congo (FEJEC), DR Congo - MBEO MASTAKI, Coordinnateur
Fondation Jeunes Africains pour le Développement (FPJAD), DR Congo - Etienne KAMBALE, Coordonnateur
Forêts Communautaires pour le Développement Rural (FOCODER), DR Congo - KISUBA MULIRO, Coordonnateur
Forum Citoyen, DR Congo - Martin Milolo, Coordonateur
Forum des Engagés pour le Développement Durable (FORED), DR Congo - John LUFUKARIBU , Directeur Exécutif
Forum Global de Chercheurs d’Alternatives (FGCCA), DR Congo - Florent MAKASANI, Coordonnateur
Forum Pour la Protection de l’Environnement et le Développement Rural (FOPED), DR Congo - KAY NORAH, Coordinnatrice
Foyer de Développement pour l’Autopromotion des Pygmées et Indigènes Défavorisés (FDAPID), DR Congo - VICAR BATUNDI, Coordonnateur
Front Commun pour la Protection de l'Environnement et des Espaces Protégés (FCPEEP), DR Congo - Mr. John Ciza, National Coordinator
Grande Action pour le Développement (G.A.D), DR Congo - KAMBALE MUHASA Désiré, Coordonnateur
Groupe d’Appui à la Traçabilité et la Transparence dans la Gestion des Ressources Naturelles (GATT-RN), DR Congo - Fidèle BAFILEMBA, Coordonnateur
Innovation et Formation pour le Développement et la Paix (IFDP), DR Congo - DR-Congo, Mr. Julien Mutiki Mwenyemali and Mr. Floribert Cirhuza, Coordinators
Innovation pour le Développement et la Protection de l'Environnement (IDPE), DR Congo - Mr. Bantu Lukambo, CEO
Justice-Plus (JP), DR Congo - Xavier MACKY, Coordonnateur
Le Forum des Organisations Nationales Humanitaires et de Développement en République Démocratique du Congo (FONAHD RDC), DR Congo - FLORENT BABI, Coordonnateur
le Mouvement et actions intellectuelles pour le développement écologique des naturalistes intégré (MAIDENI), DR Congo - Jean-Paul KANDEVA, Coordonnateur
Observatoire d'etudes et d'appui a la responsabilite sociale et environnementale (OEARSE), DR Congo - Freddy Kasongo, Secrétaire Exécutif
Organisation Concertee Des Ecologistes Et Amis De La Nature (Ocean), DR Congo - René NGONGO,
Organisation de la Santé et Développement (OSD), DR Congo - Tareck KIVIA, Coordonnateur Pax Dei (P.D), DR Congo - Godhi NAGUES, Coordonnateur
Programme d'Intégration et de Développement du Peuple Pygmée au Kivu (PIDP), DR Congo - Diel Mochire, Coordonnateur
REOCOPE (Réseau Environnement), DR Congo - UKELO WANOK Jonathan, Secrétaire Exécutif
Safe Environment and Enhanced for All (SEA), DR Congo - Remis SANGULU, Coordonnateur
Soffleco (Solidarity of Women of the Congo River), DR Congo - BONIANGA Ilanga Blandine, Coordonnatrice
Solidarité pour la Réflexion et Appui au Développement Communautaire (SORADEC), DR Congo – Espoir SHEKIHUMI, Coordonnateur
Strong Roots Congo, DR Congo - Mr. Dominique Bikaba, Director
Synergie de Jeunes pour le Développement et les Droits Humains (SJDDH), DR Congo - Samson RUKIRA, Coordonnateur
Synergie des Ecologistes pour la Paix et le Développement (SEPD), DR Congo - Paul LUGHEMBE, Coordonnateur
Synergie des Vanniers Ami de la Nature, (SVAN), DR Congo - MASIKA TULINABO, Coordonnateur
UKINGO WETU, DR Congo - Jacques TCHOMBA, Coordonnateur
Union de Familles pour la Recherche de la Paix (UFAREP), DR Congo - Janvier KAIKOLO, Coordonnateur
VIRUNGA YETU, DR Congo - PAPY MUYUMBA, Coordonnateur
Volontaire Environnemental Sans Frontière (VESF), DR Congo - Jeannot MAKALEKALE, Coordonnateur
World Peace protection (WPP), DR Congo - Arsine KALALA, Coordinator
Global Catholic Climate Movement, Kenya - Prince Papa, Africa Program Coordinator
Jamaa Resource Initiatives, Kenya - Maurice Ouma Odhiambo, Executive Director
Power Shift Africa, Kenya - Mohamed Adow, Director
350 Denmark, Denmark - Name withheld
350 Eigo, Japan - Michael Brown, Core Volunteer
350 Ottawa, Canada - Larry Dobson, Secretary, Webmaster
350 Pilipinas, Philippines - Chuck Baclagon, Finance Campaigner
350 Taiwan, Taiwan - Name withheld
350 Tokyo, Japan - Shigeru Numata, Co-founder
350 Toronto, Canada - Seph Marshall, Volunteer
350 Vancouver, Canada - Bill Winder, Board member, Volunteer
350.org Asia, Asia - Norly Mercado, Asia Regional Director
350.org Japan, Japan - Eri Watanabe, Finance Campaigner
350.org, United States - Yossi Cadan, Global finance campaign manager
350NYC, United States - Dorian Fulvio, Steering Committee
AbibiNsroma Foundation , Ghana - Robert Tettey Kwami Amiteye, Director
Action Mines Guinée , Guinea - Amdou BAH, Directeur Exécutif
Action Solidarité Tiers Monde, Luxembourg - Michaël Lucas, General Coordinator
Africa Coal Network, Zimbabwe - Lorraine Chiponda , Africa Coal Coordinator
African Climate Reality Project, South Africa & United States - Amy Giliam, Branch Manager
Aitec, France - Maxime Combes, Economist
Alliance for Empowering Rural Communities , Ghana - Richard Matey , Director
Alliance Sud, Switzerland - Mark Herkenrath, Director
Alofa Tuvalu, France - gilliane le gallic, president
Andy Gheorghiu Consulting, Germany - Andy Gheorghiu, Campaigner & Consultant
Association for Promotion Sustainable Development, India - Mange Ram Adhana, President
Association pour une Alternative au service de l'Humanité, Congo, Brazzaville - Name withheld
Association pour le Developpment Rural et l’Entraide Mutuelle de Guinee (ADREMGUI), Guinea – Moussa Mafoudia Soumah , Coordinateur régional
Avaaz, United States - Pascal Vollenweider, Campaign Director
Bangladesh Working Group on External Debt (BWGED), Bangladesh - Mahbub Alam Prince, Coordinator
Bank Information Center, United States - Lawrence F. Connell,
Bank on Our Future, United Kingdom - Name withheld
Below2C.Org, Canada - Roland L Montpellier, Managing Editor
Both ENDS, Netherlands - Cindy Coltman, Senior Policy Officer
CAFOD, United Kingdom - Robin Mace-Snaith, Policy Lead - Climate & Energy
Campax, Switzerland - Nora Scheel, Campaigner Campax
Catholic Divestment Network, United States - Kyle Rosenthal, Coordinator
CCFD-Terre Solidaire, France - Manuèle Derolez, Déléguée générale
Center for Environment/ Friends of the Earth Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina – Natasa Crnkovic, President
Center for International Environmental Law, United States/Switzerland - Nikki Reisch, Director, Climate & Energy Program
Centre de Commerce International et du Développement (CECIDE), Guinea - Laurent Kourouma, Directeur Exécutif
Centre for Environmental Rights, South Africa - Melissa Fourie, Executive Director
Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria, South Africa - Chairman Okoloise, LLD Candidate and DAAD Scholar
CESTA Friends of the Earth El Salvador, El Salvador - Ricardo Navarro, President
CFIE, France - Cozette Martial, Administrateur
CLEAN (Coastal Livelihood and Environmental Action Network), Bangladesh - Hasan Mehedi, Chief Executive
Climate 2025, United Kingdom - Sarah Greenfield Clark, Director
Climate Action Network International, Belgium - Stephan Singer, Senior Advisor Climate Science and Energy Policy
Climate Alliance Switzerland, Switzerland - Christian Lüthi, Director
Climate Pledge Collective, Canada - Matthew Lie-Paehlke, Founder
Climate Strike Canada, Canada - Cooper Price, Coordinator
Climáximo, Portugal - Name withheld
Corporate Europe Observatory, Europe - Pascoe Sabido, researcher and campaigner
Crude Accountability, United States - Kate Watters, Executive Director
Denis Hurley Peace Institute, South Africa - Johan Viljoen, Director
Divest Invest Protect, United States - Michelle Cook, Founder
Earth Action, Inc., United States - Mary Gutierrez, Director
Earth Guardians, United States - Kellie Berns, Program Director
Earthlife Africa, South Africa - Makoma Lekalakala, Director
Earthworks, United States - Name withheld
EcoLur Informational NGO, Armenia - Inga Zarafyan, President
ECOTERRA Intl. Africa Node, International - Dr. Hans-Juergen Duwe, Spokesperson
EKOenergy ecolabel , Finland - Steven Vanholme, Programme manager
Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF), United Kingdom - Steven Trent, Founder & Executive Director
Equitable Cambodia, Cambodia - Eang Vuthy, Executive Director
Evergreen Africa, Cameroon - Atem A Robert, CEO
Extinction Rebellion Ottawa, Canada - Name withheld
Extinction Rebellion South Africa, South Africa - Malik Dasoo, Local group coordinator
Fahamu Africa, Senegal - Name withheld
Films for Future, Switzerland - Christina Marchand, President
Fossil Free South Africa, South Africa - David Le Page, Coordinator
Fossil Free Switzerland, Switzerland - Markus Keller, Director
Foundation for the Conservation of the Earth, FOCONE, Nigeria - Pàtrick Chiekwe, Executive Director
FracTracker Alliance, United States - Brook Lenker, Executive Director
FreshWater Accountability Project , United States - Lea Harper Harper, Managing Director
Fridays for Future Calgary, Canada - Mackenzie Cumming, Newsletter Coordinator
Fridays For Future IWATE, Japan - Yuki Watanabe, représentant
Fridays For Future Saroma, Japan - Miku Yokoyama, Youth Action on Climate Change
Fridays for Future West Kootenay, Canada - Jamie Hunter, Lead Organizer
friends of Peoples close to Nature (fPcN), International - Name withheld
Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom - Rachel Kennerley, International Climate Campaigner
Friends of the Earth International, International - Dipti Bhatnagar, Climate Justice and Energy program coordinator
Friends of the Earth Japan, Japan - Kanna Mitsuta, Director
Friends of the Eath United States, United States - Kate DeAngelis, International Finance Program Manager
Fund for Democratic Communities, United States - Marnie Thompson, Co-Managing Director
Fund Our Future, South Africa - Julia Fish, Coordinator
Future in our hands (Framtiden i våre hender), Norway - Jonas Holmqvist, Advisor
Gender Action, United States - Elaine Zuckerman, President
Global Justice Now, United Kingdom - Dorothy Guerrero, Head of Policy and Advocacy
Global Witness, United Kingdom - Murray Worthy, Campaign Leader
Go Green Save the Environment , Malawi - Moffat Mandio, Director
GRAIN, international - Name withheld
Grands-parents pour le climat/Klimagrosseltern CH, Switzerland - Alai FREI, Coprésident Grands-parents pour le climat/Klimagrosseltern CH
Green Advocates International, Liberia - John Nimly Brownell, HRD-IFI Lead
Green Alternative, Georgia - Name withheld
Green Anglicans, South Africa - Rev Rachel Mash, Coordinator
Green Camel Bell, China - Name withheld
GreenFaith, United States - Sara Shor, Director of Organizing
Greenpeace Switzerland, Switzerland - Name withheld
GroundWork, Friends of the Earth SA, South Africa - Sven Peek, Director
Haiti Cholera Research Funding Foundation Inc USA, United States - Pierrette J Cazeau MBA, President &
Health of Mother Earth Foundation , Nigeria - Nnimmo Bassey, Director
Heartland Initiative, Inc., United States - Samuel Jones, President
IISCAL, Ecuador - Emilia Hermosa, Assistant Director
Indigenous Environmental Network, United States/Canada - Alberto Saldamando, Counsel Climate Change and Indigenous Rights
International Rivers, United States - Siziwe Mota, Africa Program Director
Justiça Ambiental, Mozambique - Anabela Lemos, Director of the Board
Just Share, South Africa - Tracey Davies, Executive Director
Kanopi Hijau Indonesa, Indonesia - Ali Akbar, Chief of kanopi hijau indonesia
KyotoUSA, United States - Tom Kelly, Executive Director
Le Réseau National de la Société pour l’Environnement et le Développement Durable (ReNaSCEDD), Guinea -
Sékou Amadou Diakité, Coordinateur National
Leaving Fossil Fuels Underground, UvA/CEDLA, Netherlands - Arthur Rempel, Researcher
Lekeh Development Foundation, Nigeria - Nbani Friday Barilule, Executive Director
Les Amis de la Terre France (Friends of the Earth France), France - Name withheld
Les Mêmes Droits pour Tous , Guinea - Foromo Frédéric Loua, Directeur Exécutif
Let There Be Light International, United States - Sarah M Baird, Executive Director
Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network, United States - Mary Hufford, Associate Director
Long Beach Alliance for Clean Energy, United States - Name withheld
Lumière Synergie pour le Développement , Senegal - Aly Marie Sagne, Director
Maan ystävät ry, Finland - Tanja Pulliainen, Chairperson
Market Forces, Australia - Jack Bertolus, Research Coordinator
Media Awareness and Justice Initiative , Nigeria - Okoro Onyekachi , Coordinator
Milieudefensie - Friends of the Earth Netherlands, Netherlands - Jonas Hulsens, Senior policy officer
Mineral Policy Institute, Australia - Charles Roche, Executive Director
Movement for a People's Party, United States - Carol Ehrle, Media Coordinator
Natural Justice, South Africa - Mark Odaga, Senior Programme Officer
No Sharon Gas Pipeline | Clean Energy Now, United States - Birgitta McAlevey, president
Notre Affaire à Tous, France - Name withheld
Ocean. Now!, Germany - Meike Schützek, Founder
Oil Change International, United States - Thuli Makama, Senior Advisor, Africa Programme
Oilwatch International , Philippines - Name withheld
Operation Noah, United Kingdom - Revd. Dr. Darrell D. Hannah, Chair
Organic Consumers Association, United States - Alexis Baden-Mayer, Political Director
Oyu Tolgoi Watch, Mongolia - SUKHGEREL DUGERSUREN, Executive Director
People & Planet, United Kingdom - Laura Clayson, Co-Director: Climate Campaigns
Planet Wheeler Foundation , Australia - Mark Cubit, Trustee
Plymouth Friends for Clean Water, United States - Peter Hudiburg, Founder
Positive Money, United Kingdom - Paul Delaney, Acting Director
Public Eye, Switzerland - Andreas Missbach, Joint Managing Director
Publish What You Pay Madagascar , Madagascar - Ketakandriana Rafitoson , National Coordinator
Quit RBC - Extinction Rebellion Québec, Canada - Name withheld
Rainforest Action Network, United States - Patrick McCully, Climate & Energy Program Director
Re:Common, Italy - Antonio Tricarico, Programs Director
Reclaim Finance, France - Lucie Pinson, Executive Director
Research and Support Center for Development Alternatives - Indian Ocean, Madagascar - Zo Randriamaro,
Réseau Foi & Justice Afrique Europe antenne France, France - Jean-Louis MAROLLEAU, secrétaire exécutif
Réseau National de la société civile pour l'environnement et le développement durable, Guinea - Sékou
Amadou Diakité, Coordinateur National
Réseau Roosevelt IDF, France - DESVAUX andrée, membre coordination
Rettet den Regenwald, Germany - Marianne Klute, Director
Rising Tide Chicago, United States - Cailie Kafura, Organizer
Rivers without Boundaries International Coalition, Mongolia - Eugene Simonov, Coordinator
Rural Development Policy Institute, Pakistan - Name withheld
Save Virunga, International - Name withheld
Sierra Club, United States - Ben Cushing, Campaign Manager
Society for Threatened Peoples, Switzerland - Angela Mattli, Finance Campaigner
SOKIJA (Sosyete Kiltirèl Jèn Ayisyen), Haiti - Samuel NESNER , Responsable de programme
SolidarityINFOService, United States - Michael Eisenscher, Publisher
South Beach District 6 Democratic Club, United States - Susan Jaffe, Executive Board Member
Southern Africa Rural Women's Assembly , South Africa - Mercia Andrews , Director
Survie, France - Thomas Bart, Responsable de la campagne Total Ouganda - Survie
Sustainable Sharon Coalition, United States - Paul Lauenstein, Board member
Swiss ADR Campaign/ KEESA, Switzerland - Name withheld
Taiga Research and Protection Agency, Russia - Name withheld
Taiwan Young Greens, Taiwan - Liang-Kuei, Reclaws Yu, Chairman
Texas Campaign for the Environment, United States - Robin Schneider, Executive Director
TRAC Two Rivers Action Coalition , United States - Jill Wilcox, Steering Committee Member, Outreach and Event Manager
Trend Asia, Indonesia - Yuyun Indradi, Executive Director
umverkehR, Switzerland - Daniel Costantino, Campaign Director
Upper Valley Affinity Group (Vermont), United States - Geoffrey Gardner, Communications
urgewald, Germany - Regine Richter, Energy Campaigner
VedvarendeEnergi, Denmark - Wawa Wang, Director of Finance and Governance Program
Weald Action Group, South East Climate Alliance, United Kingdom - Emily Mott, Member
Women's Environment & Development Organization (WEDO), United States - Bridget Burns, Director
WWF South Africa, South Africa - James Reeler,
Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines, Philippines - Mitzi Jonelle Tan, International Spokesperson
Zambian Network for Human Rights Defende, Zambia - Arthur Muyunda, Network Coordinator
Zukunft statt Kohle / Future instead of Coal Switzerland, Switzerland - Name withheld


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