Digitalization and Framing of Political Issues in East Africa

Published on 4th May 2021

This is a fractious time in journalism as the world is inundated with a deluge of information sharing digital platforms. The pursuit of better communication has led to the continuous development of wireless technology, from the analog 1G to the subsequent digital generations. All these have proved disruptive. The current 5G technology promises to be a game-changer due to its incredible speed, near-zero network latency, media-rich user experiences, better features, greater capacities, greater bandwidth, next-level navigation apps, cutting-edge 3D models, improved customer support, and decreased hardware dependency.

What do all these developments mean for traditional news media platforms? 

IREN will engage journalists and IT professionals to explore Digitalization and Framing of Political Issues in East Africa this month (May 2021)

How to Participate

1.Send Cartoons, Pictures, Tweets, Facebook posts or short Videos  that had political consequence in your country, via WhatsApp to +254 724 968 698 or mail to [email protected]   

2. Share brief points on any of the following topics:

a.The impact of evolving digital communication apps on Africa’s news media platforms. 
b. How digital communication apps have impacted the framing of political issues in East Africa
c. Two ways on how evolving digital communication apps are impacting on journalism
d. How embracing the 5G era will affect the future of journalism

The information will be compiled and shared with media houses and strategic audiences.


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