The System: How Society Defines and Confines Us

Published on 22nd February 2022

The System. When we are born, we are placed in The System. It has three quadrants: System-Makers; System-Maintainers; and System-Grinders.

System-Makers are the first five percent few who can only be described as privileged, powerful, influential, rich or the have-it-all. It is the most desirable, affluent and well-placed quadrant. The people in this quadrant are thought-leaders, trailblazers, innovators, inventors, investors, creators, guides and materially and mentally liberated.

System-Maintainers are the next twenty-five percent who maintain the system. People in this quadrant are the managers of many ideas of the System-Makers. They are constant and maintain the status quo. They are quick to learn and sometimes they easily outpace the System-Makers and own the former’s ideas as their own.

System-Grinders are the people who fulfill the wills and wishes of the System-Makers and System-Maintainers. System Grinders are also known as the Victims of the System – because they only exist to serve the other two quadrants. They constitute about seventy percent of The System. People in this quadrant are the labor force, the commoners who rarely use their brains to think but only bring to the realization the dictates of The System.  They are the majority in society and are at The System’s lowest level. They work hard but do not see the fruit of their labor. They do things which make no sense to them but they know no other way. They may have or may lack basic education. They are used by the powerful in all forms of arenas of life. They may easily be deceived or manipulated.

It is possible to move from one quadrant to the other. However, to do so, it takes choice and determination, especially if you want to move from the lowest (Grinders) to the highest (Makers). It does not matter how or where you were born; what matters is that you can choose where you want to eventually end up. You cannot be squeezed into any one quadrant unless you choose to remain there permanently. You always have a choice. Because of the nature of these quadrants, some people in them think that they are condemned to remaining there forever. That is not true; you can always redefine your quadrant. It is not a privilege of a few only, except that most people become comfortable where they are and do not desire to relocate anymore.  (Relocation is the process of choosing to move from one quadrant to another).

By Charles Mwewa

Dean (Paralegal and Legal Department) for Ontario at Herzing College.

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