Is the World Ready for Africa?

Published on 25th October 2022

My response: "Absolutely yes!

I believe it will strike a convincing cord for your consideration that the future of the world is Africa. Let's take it from this angle.

°Africa area = 30.37 million km2

°China area = 9.6 million km2

°US area = 9.8 million km2

°Europa area = 10.18 million km2

Africa is bigger than all of Europe, China and the United States of America combined together. But on most world maps, Africa is represented in downsize.

- Africa has 60% arable land.

- Africa owns 90% of raw material reserves.

- Africa owns 40% of the global gold reserve.

- Africa has 33% of diamond reserves.

- Africa has 80% of Coltan's global reserve (mineral for telephone and electronics production), mainly in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

- Africa has 60% of global cobalt reserve (mineral for car battery manufacture).

- Africa is rich in oil and natural gas.

- Africa (Namibia) has the world's richest fish coastline.

- Africa is rich in manganese, iron and wood.

- Africa is three times the area of China, three times the area of Europe, three times the area of the United States of America.

- Africa has 1.3 billion inhabitants (China has 1.4 billion inhabitants in 9.6 million km2).

Which means Africa is subpopulated.

- The arable lands of the Democratic Republic of Congo are capable of feeding all of Africa. And all of Africa's arable land is a cord to feed the whole world.

- The Democratic Republic of Congo has important rivers that can illuminate Africa.

- Africa is a culturally diverse continent in terms of dance, music, architecture, sculpture, etc.

- Africa accommodates 30.000 medicinal recipes and herbs that the West modifies in its laboratories.

- Africa has a young global population that should reach 2.5 billion by the year 2050.

Africa represents the future of humanity. This is where the future lies and that's why a lot of investors are looking towards the direction of Africa. So technically the world will definitely accept it. There is a lot in Africa for the world to gain."

By H.E. Dr. Edna Joyce Santos, MD, DPBO, SBO

Secretary-General, Royal Movement International Group and  Vice-President for West Asia World Economic Forum for Asia and Africa WEFAA.

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