Hope for Agriculture in Botswana

Published on 15th January 2008

Continuous heavy rains in the country have given great hope to farmers who have been suffering because of unreliable rains in recent years. Most farmers in the southern Africa nation admit that in recent years, they have stopped ploughing because it was always a waste of time due to unreliable rains. But now, they are going back to the fields they abandoned because they are certain the rains will not disappoint them. Many people say that this is a good year for farmers judging by their attitude and energy around the fields and the villages.


Businesses Exuding Optimism


The majority of public and privately held businesses in Kenya are still optimistic about their country, despite the current political stalemate. Business has not been up for the period preceding presidential elections. However, Nairobi Stock Exchange, which in the first weeks of violence experienced a negative upheaval, is already on a recovery track and may soon surpass its initial performance as the situation returns to normalcy.


Sudan, Ethiopia in Oil Deal


The governments of Ethiopia and Sudan have agreed on a deal to facilitate Ethiopia’s resumption to oil imports from its neighbour, Sudan. Following the expiration of the agreement the two countries signed in 2002; they opted for the renewal of the agreement instead of Ethiopia going 'Middle East' for an alternative supplier. "We have reached an agreement after finishing details left unsettled after the previous accord expired," said Alemayehu Tegenu, minister of Mines and Energy of Ethiopia. Alemayehu signed the agreement with his Sudanese counterpart, Awad Ahmed Al Jass on January 10, 2008 in Addis Ababa.


Rwanda’s Budding Flower Industry


The flower industry in Rwanda is expected to expand after the successful training of 20 flower farmers. The training took place in Naivasha, Kenya, for over three months. The Minister of State in charge of Industry and Investment Promotion, Vincent Karega termed the move to train farmers as an investment to increase local production and add value to the flowers grown. Rwanda's climate is ideal for flower growing, and as a result the country can aim to match the successes of other east African countries in the horticultural venture. There are already signs of progress. The Rwanda Flower Farmers Association, established in 2005 to promote flower cultivation, now consists of 3,600 farmers. The association has grown from just two hectares of flower plantations in 2005 to 42 hectares today.


Its all Systems Go for Ghana


Ghanaian authorities have expressed confidence in their preparations to host Africa Nations Cup 2008. The bi annual soccer competition is expected to bring together 16 African countries that will be competing for the coveted continental soccer cup. The 26th edition of the event is set to kick off on January 20th in Accra, Ghana. Business in the hotel and transport sectors is already booming with most local hotels reporting full bookings and occupancy. This is expected to bring earnings to the West African coastal nation.


It’s a Dream Come True for Gambian Journalists


A group of Gambian journalists together with pro-media freedom bodies in West Africa have launched Radio Alternative Voice (Radio AVG), an online radio station. Organizers said the launch in Dakar was in response to "very limited media freedom" in their West African country. Amie Joof-Cole, a Dakar-based Gambian journalist and coordinator of the project said, "This is like a dream come true! I'm excited about the online radio and I hope it gives more voice to Gambians".

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