IREN Among Top Go-To Think Tanks in the World

Published on 22nd January 2008

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) has been named as one of the 288 leading think tanks out of 5,080 in the world for doing exceptional work of bridging the gap between knowledge and policy.

The 18- months survey, carried out through an initiative of the Think Tanks in Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) also identified top 11 think tanks from Africa. South Africa lead the pack with five; followed by Ghana and Kenya who had two each while Tanzania and Namibia gave one each. In Kenya, IREN was named alongside Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research Analysis (KIPPRA). Classified as one of the Global “Go-To Think Tanks”, IREN was recognized for producing rigorous research publications and programs with relevance to Africa and the world.

“It is an honour for IREN to be considered as a leading Global ‘Go-To Think Tank’.” observes Jacqueline Sungu, IREN Programs Manager. She also cited that decision makers around the world have continually referred to IREN programs and publications. “As developed countries’ governments and civil society groups increasingly rely on think tanks for advice, I encourage more African governments to embrace the same,” she added.

Founded in 2001, IREN is an independent and non-partisan think tank, which promotes policies geared towards the creation of a free Africa. Its mission is to advance greater economic opportunities and individual liberty in Africa.

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