The ‘Solomon Option’: Will it Work for Kenya?

Published on 11th February 2008

What we thought to be a passing cloud over Kenya isn't! Kenya is bleeding to death. Sadly, the protagonists have stayed put to see much blood of their people shed! The economic hub-cum pearl of East Africa is no more! Social fabrics and foundations that used to put us together are shaken and endangered! Shall Kenya fall apart; East Africa will suffer tremendously.  

Some people think that Kibaki and Raila are not fighting for vote rigging but for their stomachs. Although it might be regarded as an exaggeration, I strongly concur with people who think that Kibaki and Raila are no longer fighting over vote rigging, but their stomachs and power. How many innocent souls do Kibaki and Raila want to die so as to put to a halt to the on-going mania? How much time should the international community waste on dead ears while there are other many more pressing issues to attend? 

Is it really the power to serve Kenyans or serve themselves the duo are fighting over? Whom will they serve should Kenyans go on perishing unreasonably as the wounds grow? Enough is enough.  Let us face it. No price tag can be put on human life. Kenya is more than ODM and PNU, Kibaki, Raila, Gikuyu, and Luo among others. 

No Kenya will be Kenya without all communities. Kenya will go on being Kenya without Kibaki and Raila as it used to be before they came into the picture. Do they underscore and understand this? Any person contemplating to live in Kenya without another is as goofy as day-dreaming of having a living soul without body or body without soul.

Kenya does not suffer from tribalism as many people mistakenly think.  And if there was tribalism, the war would have been between the haves and have-nots. In the current cataclysm, tribal hatred based on ethnic backgrounds does not hold water. If it ever does, it’s because of ruse and dementia propelled and nourished by political bulimia. But again, Kenyans who can shamelessly and mercilessly butcher each other must be told to their face: this will never be a solution. 

Kenyans need to take a leaf from Tanzania. When Jakaya Kikwete was campaigning for presidency, he posed as the "man of the people" especially to the youth. This masquerade paid off. All Tanzanians, like frogs in the well, took his slogan-cum song. Kazi Mpya Nguvu Mpya and Ari Mpya, became a hit song that we rapine presently.  

By then, we're tired of Benjamin Mkapa and Chama Cha Mapinduzi. Some thinkers doubted Kikwete's integrity and sincerity. They warned us: Kikwete is a member and cadre of CCM. He can not change the party but the party can change him. We condemned them. Ask us now. Where are we? We're crying and cursing. We don't see any difference between Mkapa and Kikwete. 

More on  Kibaki and Raila, let us refer to the case of two women who took their case before the biblical King Solomon. Knowing how simpletons behave, Solomon made a tough decision and suggested the disputed baby must be split into two. This did not augur well with the true mother of the baby. But the same became ideal to a surrogate one. “Better give her the right so that my baby can survive,” said the true mother. You know what followed. 

Coming to Raila whom we presume as winner and "man of the people," what is noble before Kenyans and God like saving Kenya?  Will he let his baby be slain just because the surrogate mother has stayed put? After all, looking at how old and ailing Kibaki is, Raila has all chances --shall he save Kenya-- to be the next president five years to come.  

The disservice of many politicians is only to think about today as tomorrow will take care of itself. This devil-may-care behavior should not be the way forward for Kenya.Let us face it. How many do you guys want dead so as to hearken and stop this megalomania?  

Kenyans need unite against any self-seekers hoodwinking them to goof --thinking they are for Kenyans whilst they are for their stomachs.Indeed, this situation will prove who is after saving and serving Kenya. 

Off the cuffs: I was appalled and shocked to note: Rwandan Dictator, Paulo Kagame crossed the line to entice and incite the Kenyan army to stage a coup d’Etat under the pretext of stopping massacres!

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