Image and Your Child

Published on 25th March 2008

Children's style affects their self image
Nothing beats childhood memories. Remember that stuffed animal that you had as a child? Remember the dreams you had and the friends that kept you busy? The company you shared your dreams with?

Children have a liking to build their image than anyone would imagine. They always want to approach their self-concept as a matter of identity. Children, unlike adults, prefer a style that makes them feel worthwhile and good about themselves. Family, friends, and the environment influence the child’s self-concept.

Provision of psychological security to our children is paramount to other aspects of life.It means much more than insurance and medical cover. This can be attained by providing a child with items that boost [the child's] self image. Making the right purchase for a child should incorporate safety at all times. While the family plays a major role in providing guidelines to what their children choose, a steady base for a positive self-concept is necessary.

When the child achieves the level of positive self-concept, maintaining it becomes the core issue. Although living above poor perceptions is no big deal to a child, the parent ought to understand the likes and dislikes of his/ her children to adequately meet their needs. Guidelines on who to associate with should not dominate the parents’ mind. Such negate the child’s feeling of independence. Children’s fashion is innovative, functional, and fun! Each detail ought to be beautifully rendered, soft fabric and always with a bit of whimsy and flair.

When it comes to children, safety comes first. Children are unaware of what is potentially dangerous. Thus extra caution needs to be taken to ensure that their environment is free of hazards. Their clothing items should be considered and selected with ultimate care. Some of the most common issues to consider include Closures and fire. Closures should be ones that they can handle with ease; Buttons should be big enough, snaps and Velcro closures (rough and smooth sides pressed together to hold). When selecting items with zippers, they should have a large closure to help the children hold it without difficulty; of course all the closures should be on the front side.

Select clothes that cannot easily catch fire. They should also be comfortable enough. Comfort is ideal for health and physical development. Lack of comfort means poor physical development.  The attributes of comfort include; ease of movement, absorbency of the fabric, fit, warmth, ease of putting on and off, and ease to play.

Children are dependent on others for care and cleanliness, also at certain age they become very active and explore a lot. So to minimize the burden of care, the items of clothing should be easy to clean and handle. This will save you the time spent on clothing care and  give you more hours to spend on your business activities.

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