Beauty at the Finger Tips

Published on 13th May 2008

A digital nail-printing machine complete with over 3000 template patterns
Ever wondered why some people seem to have such wonderful nails? Well, theirs is not a gift from birth. It takes discipline to care for and pamper good nails. Though a tiny part of the body, nails are a pertinent factor in beauty. Their positioning at the tip of every finger makes them a must-see for first impressions. Nails reflect our image in many ways. They not only speak about our attention to detail, but also about our hygiene levels. It does not matter that our nails are of different size, shape and length, of great importance is how we choose to care for them.

Depending on how they are cared for, nails can display our sense of design and our fashion taste too.

Manicure, the art and process of caring for, massage and beautification of hand nails is a skill worth learning. Pedicure, manicure’s equivalent of toe nails should also be mastered. The two skills when skillfully put to play give ‘above average’ appearance.

Apart from being a beauty-mirror, our nails also reflect our eating habits. If we are in the habit of eating meaty and fatty foods, we should not expect to have strong and healthy nails. Indulging in watery and frictional activities like laundry without wearing gloves puts us a step away from gorgeous nails.

Although nail growth ought to be one of the fascinating processes of child growth, they play a part in landing children on the wrong side of the ‘law’. A look at soiled nails bears evidence that the child has been playing in dirt. Sugar crystals stuck under nails are also an indicator that the child has been involved in a sugar-licking crime. If my childhood memories are anything to go by, nails could be the last of things I would want to see on my fingers.

As wishful thinking would have it, nails are better wished away than gotten rid of. Their presence on our fingers should be taken as an opportunity to accentuate our expertise, beauty and personality. Regardless of our gender or our positions in society, we may be the decision-making organ in a blue-chip company, or the Chief Financial Officers in multinationals, but if the tiny keratin plates on our fingers are not presentable, we are as good as the kid with soiled nails before their parents.

The nail caring process is not an uphill task as we may imagine. With current fashion trends headed for shorter nails, a simple smooth trim will give our nails an appearance that is good enough. An additional application of clear polish makes it even better; the natural white lining painted under the trimmed tip of the nails is a recipe enough to lift our image quotient. By this, the natural colour of our nails is not only maintained but also upgraded with a vanish shine; the result is commonly known as French nails.

If the simplicity in applying clear nail-vanish is not satisfactory enough, we can explore the option of applying any color of our choice to our nails to match our outfits or just excite us. For the art-loving individuals, nails can play ‘canvas’ for painting our favourite art. They can have sketches with floral, animal or any other design. The epitome of this style is when one is wearing a dress with floral-print and the same floral design replicated on her finger or toes nails.

With its ever-fascinating solutions, technology has not left the nail industry unattended. There is now a digital nail-printing machine complete with over 3000 template patterns ready for editing before printing to the nail. The machine has not only the ability to print any design on your nail, it can also print a picture taken by its in-built camera. In other words, you can snap yourself or whosever’s portrait and have it printed on one or all your nails!

Moreover, the lengths and shapes of our natural nails can no longer be an excuse; with a variety of artificial nails in the market, one can affix temporal nails and have them realigned to look like natural ones. Such is the pertinent role that nails play in our lives that we cannot just ignore them. They can change a fortune if only they are put to proper care and design.

The key to our beauty is literally at our finger and toe tips.

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