Obama: Democrats Have Defied Arrogance and Racism

Published on 9th June 2008

Barrack Obama: Democrats' flag bearer

Barrack Obama is finally the flag bearer for the US Democratic Party after trouncing former First Lady Hillary Clinton.

Obama has what it takes to be US president. The Times vol.171, No.10/2008 unveiled how racist  the idea that Obama does not qualify to be president of United States because of his colour is. The reasons so given are not convincing enough.

Recently rumors and attacks were deliberately cooked and circulated that Obama is affiliated to Al-Qaeda and Islamism simply because one of his name is Hussein, or Obama that sounds close to 'Osama.' Such moribund allegations!

Another propaganda propelled by detractors is that he was once seen in a traditional garb in Kenya! Detractors went ahead to allege that Obama attended madras (Islamic school) in Indonesia. These smear campaigns are wrong and malicious. The Times also published photos of  presidents George Bush, and Bill Clinton in Chinese and Indonesian attires respectively. Obama and Hillary Clinton were pictured in a traditional garb and Eritrea attire.

How will Americans feel shall one say they are affiliated to Islam just because their Capitol Hill looks like a mosque? It has a dome and minaret-like features!

John McCain has his origin in Ireland as per the sound of his name. Bush as well as Clinton are not original inhabitants of America.What is wrong with the person of African origin becoming president of the US? Why is it okay for Jews, Britons, and others to rule America but bad for a black man or woman? This to me, is apartheid. It justifies all machinations against Africa in the first place. It reminds me of the hypocrisy of religions which condemn everything African except her sweat and resources!

I once averred: Africa must be redressed for the evils of slavery, cultural imperialism and colonialism. Why was it possible to redress Jews who were butchered by ghouls like Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini; but it has been impossible to redress Africans who suffered under slavery and colonialism? Why is the West paying a blind eye when it comes to redressing countries and people badly affected by small arms and wars resulting from plundering of Africa’s resources in Liberia, DRC, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa and others?

Opposing Obama due to his skin colour  is but unveiling white hypocrisy towards other races especially African. Shall the world need to live in peace and harmony, such issues must be addressed thoroughly otherwise, peace and harmony will remain expensive items to the world.

What we are witnessing in the US is not the war against Obama but a black person whom the white has always regarded as inferior. It is obnoxious white arrogance and supremacy aimed at changing history. Should Obama become president, he will not revenge. Africans are more generous and forgiving than any other race on earth.

Americans ought to lead by example as they shy away from racism and dwell on meritocracy but not white supremacy and arrogance. Vote for or against Obama as an American but not a black, Kenyan or else. After all, Obama is an American.Now that Obama has defied the odds, let all Americans for change rally behind him so that change can be realised.

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