The 6th SIFE Kenya Exposition on Entrepreneurship

Published on 2nd July 2008

The first generation of post-independence African universities focused on providing functionaries for the civil service. Today, African countries are facing new challenges related to participation in the global economy, meeting basic needs, and contributing to the transition towards sustainability. As a result, African universities are under pressure to reinvent themselves, diffuse available technical knowledge to local uses and solve community problems.

The 6th SIFE Kenya Exposition set for 12 July 2008, will showcase the largest university student exposition in Kenya that promotes entrepreneurship and market economics strategies that are bound to transform the country from 3rd World to 1st World. over 600 students from 14 universities’ SIFE team will be competing for the National championship.

Over 40 leading Company CEOs will determine which university had the highest impact in bringing positive economic change during the 2007 – 2008 academic year. The National Champion will represent Kenya in the SIFE World Cup in Singapore (October 1-3 2008) where they will contend with more than 45 National Champions from all over the world.

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