Obama - A Journey Rooted in Family and God

Published on 8th November 2008

There is no other story except OBAMA, and the more the stories are told, the more fascinating and emotionally hooked and connected they become. For a man the western Press tried to demean because of the undue absence of his late father, to defy the characterizations and in his adult life connected with his long distant family in Kenya, is nothing short of being remarkable and golden.

Barack would have given in to the undue pressure of an unforgiving public willing to undermine him and what appears as a right wing media bent on smear, and shied from identifying with his Kenyan roots. Before the election, a Kenyan aunty of his was picked up for immigration violation, Barack was cool and expressed his love for the lady but decried any violation of any law.

As a deep set man whose understanding of things are not driven by popular culture or propelled because of press/public opinions, he visited his Kenyan family starting in the late 1980s. Barack did not stay in a hotel and sent for them to come and see him; instead, he went to the village and stayed in a mud house where his grandmother still lives. Talk of a 'manger' life and humility, only those set to effect changes far beyond their immediate surroundings can possess. 

What does this tell anyone? No one can understand or capture it in any expressions and or words. It is better imagined than described. Just scroll through the attached and peruse each picture and see the depth of the man and his essence. 

That initial visit awakened in him a connection only one who is sent by God can appreciate. He visited his father's grave, cried and silently spoke with the man. His siblings welcomed him unconditionally (an African omen). He fitted right in as if he grew up with them. Obama's love for his family cannot be expressed in words and his connection to his late father is divine. If he felt abandoned, why would he title one of his books: DREAMS FROM MY FATHER? Did he mean heavenly father or his biological father? I will lean on the latter. If abandoned, why did he keep the name given by his father? He is named after him.

No matter whatever happened why one parent became unduly absent, those with love in their heart should never fall to public opinion as to being abandoned because blood is thicker than water. 

God knows far better why things happen and it is imperative for us as His creation to understand that. God knows who is going to be present and who is going to absent. He God wanted it that way because in His infinite wisdom, He sets our path. If He God allowed His son Jesus to wander in the wilderness, which in today's pop-culture would be seen as 'mean', He knows about our path. We must never forsake any of our parent if for whatever reason they are absent. While a-two parent home appears the ultimate, it does not necessarily mean LOVE or that anyone growing up in such environment finishes better than one who did not. Believing in God and accepting things that happen knowing fully well God is the master and arbiter, leaves in one peace and strength to go through life. Obama has peace and strength! And you too can have such.

Circumstances may make one to be present or absent: It does not mean they love us less. A parent's absence becomes a problem when the parent present uses the absence of the other parent to sow discord in a child and create a sense of willful abandonment. In such a situation, the child may grow up bitter, disoriented and hateful towards the absent parent. We must congratulate the white mother and grandparents for raising a peaceful and strongman.

From what we now know, they were never bitter towards the absent parent. If life gives us lime, shouldn't we make lemonade out of it? My mom used to say; 'a lazy farmer always has a problem with any weather', using that never to go to the farm. In the same vein, a bad parent will poison a child using whatever situation to advance their ill feelings because of the absence of the other parent. 

Check Obama out strapping a large bag over his shoulders, next to his grandmother, with his siblings and relations, and you see a happy man. Of course, his wedding picture with Michelle, shows a man who has found his missing RIB; a wholesome relationship not just of a spouse but a friend. As he thanked America for his victory, he did not start off by saying my wife; He said: My Best Friend. How many married men describe their wife as such? Being married is one thing but having your wife as a Best Friend, is like a stitch never to be broken. Every aspect of OBAMA is such that one can see many things that have lacked in some who have gotten to his present position. 

We must love life and accept whatever situation that we happen to be in. But develop a sense of love, purpose and commitment to do better drawing from what we think is the right direction.

For Barack Obama, whether his father was there or not, he has shown in many ways he is a gift from God. Obama is chosen for the task of not just leading US; his immediate constituency but the world. And according to what University of Nigeria duly expressed as its motto: To Restore The Dignity of Man [Humanity], we are expectant. 

Obama will succeed as we lend him support, pray for God's guidance and hold together our situation knowing we are just as good. No matter what any person in the past and or present thought, we are just seeing the beginning of a new wave of good things. My Ghanaian professor Kwame Serbeh Yiadom, said back in the early 1980s, the day of the Blackman will come and when it happens, the world will be thankful it. Is this that arrival? I cannot tell but I sure feel I am ready to climb Kilimanjaro and proclaim Thy Name.

Manifestation of love by God through us demands we see in us God's reasons for life and a sense with strength never to back down from what we believe is the right path for us and all.

As you Obama look forward to the days ahead, never shy from what got you in the post. Your presence on earth is by design as well as divine. And for the parents and grandparents who have journeyed to the great beyond, the world THANKS you for the Messiah, Messenger and the new Manager of US. 

ejike okpa ii

Next Generation Fellow

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