IREN Director Africa's Flag Bearer in India Summit

Published on 18th November 2008

Mr James Shikwati (Director, IREN) will discuss how Africa should engage with India in  the International Conference on "Engaging with Resurgent Africa" in New Delhi on November 21 -22 2008.The conference has been organised by the Indian Government through its Ministry of External Affairs. Mr Shikwati holds that re-emerging economies ought not to fall into the trap of developed countries' aid driven driven diplomacy.

Meanwhile, Mr Ben Keah, (member,  IREN Board of Directors) represents James Shikwati in an international conference on The State of Governance in Africa:Formal  Rules,Informal Realities and Strategies for Change in South Africa to discuss When and Why Does Government Choose Public Goods Over Private Ones? The conference that runs from November 17-20, 2008  is organised by the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA).

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