Africa off the Radar as the West Collapses

Published on 6th December 2005

The West is on the verge of collapse and we are witnessing the rise of a “New Asian Civilization” which stands poised to dominate the whole world. However, the thing that I find both intriguing and heartbreaking is that there is not a single glimmer of hope for Africa.

I rarely admit it in public conversation, but black rule (with the noted exception of Botswana) has been an absolute and complete disaster in every country where it exists. This   fact fills me with shame, but the truth that cannot be denied.  Since emancipation from colonial rule, Africans have not only done nothing with themselves but have also accomplished very little. There is not a single African country that can deal on equal terms with the Western or Asian nations. In this world, the black nations are at the bottom of the black nations are at the bottom of the barrel.

However, notice that the vast majority of African immigrants to the United States do well at university and usually make it into the upper-middle class. Yet when we look at Africa, it is a disaster.

We can harp on about the abuses of the colonial regimes, but that is not going to change the condition of Africa. The Koreans did not make excuses for failure because the Japanese raped and plundered their country; they moved on and created the 10th largest economy in the world. Africans are the only persons who bear responsibility for the plight of Africa. They are ruled by scoundrels who beg for scrapes that fall off the European\'s table and then deposit the loot in secret Swiss bank accounts.

Can one name a place more blessed by God in resources or more generously endowed with potential than Africa? Africans have committed a far greater sin than slavery, the West\'s most atrocious crime. They have failed to harness those resources endowed to them by God to build a great civilization. If we look at the Japanese, their natural endowment has only a few barren and rocky islands on the edge of Asia, yet they stand as equals on the international stage.

Africa has almost all that it needs to create a great civilization; it only lacks the will to act. Africans must have a burning and fanatical passion in pursuing industrial development, because it is the only way to achieve equal standing with the rest of the world. Industrial development will require the creation of a modern banking system, infrastructure, a functioning judiciary, free markets, free trade, and a sound monetary system. Yet this brings us to a dilemma, who will act?  Revolutions and civilizations are created by a committed core, not by grassroots efforts. It is the mass that imitates the leaders, not the leaders that imitate the mass.

Africa requires a small militant group that is committed to making the necessary transformations to build a great civilization. If you think they can achieve these goals without force, then you are fooling yourself. How else shall they remove the entrenched dictators and their cronies that are an impediment to development? A great civilization (and in fact industrial development) is paid for with blood and iron; not the blood of martyrs, (for that is a pernicious and rather Latin American view) but rather the blood of the opposition. One does not succeed in a movement by dying for ones beliefs but by making the other person die for his.

Most importantly, the group must not be corrupted by modern western political ideology. Africa is not a part of western civilization, it is completely separate and distinct. To apply the ideologies of socialism, communism, or mass democracy to Africa, will only result in ruin and another 40 wasted years. Those political ideologies are devastating the Western world and stand to cause even greater damage to non-western societies that adopt them.

The tribe, the chief, and the ethnic group must all be abolished because they are institutions unsuited for industrial development and cannot possibly serve as the foundation for a civilization that can rival the West or Asia.

Africans must create new institutions and ideologies that command African loyalty, as the basis of an African civilization. This is not loyalty to a leader or a group, but loyalty to the goal of African industrial development and by extension loyalty to the goal of self-improvement and excellence.

The universal acceptance of these institutions and ideas will turn Africa from a continent of disparate groups into a single unified nation. Armed with these new ideas and the pursuit of industrial development, there will be nothing to stand in the way of Africa paving way for a true renaissance.

Leadership is also important. I was recently enraged to hear Thabo Mbeki, (President of South Africa), call the ANC\'s grossly incompetent governance an African renaissance. How can he make such a claim when South Africa is in just as bad a condition as it was under the White Apartheid regime? The blacks are still in Soweto, only now they are kept there by poverty, rather than by white policemen. The miserable 3% economic growth rate is not even enough to lift the population out of poverty. 22% of the population is infected with AIDS. Crime is rampant. It is sickening that as this happens, the ANC\'s cronies enrich themselves with shares in white-owned corporations under the banner of “black empowerment”. The only former “freedom fighter” to speak out about this is Bishop Desmond Tutu.  

However, what almost sent me over the edge was Thabo Mbeki’s comparison of South Africa to South Korea. Neither one of the so called heroes of Africa Thabo Mbeki nor Nelson Mandela is worthy to sit at the same table as Park Chung Hee (the military dictator who led South Korea through the early and middle phases of industrial development), let alone be compared to him. Park lived the Confucian ethos “practice what you preach, then preach what you practice”.  He was something that neither Thabo Mbeki nor Nelson Mandela will ever be. He was a leader of men. 

Africa needs men like Park, who will work for a true renaissance, not men like Mbeki and Mandela, who deliver ruin and incompetence and call it a renaissance.

I am sure I will be attacked and called the most derogatory of names for my statements, but it is time we face the truth and stop lying to ourselves. There is only one measure of success and we cannot reduce that standard based on racial background or to keep up appearances.

To the African socialist who says “I cannot accept industrial development as a goal, because it will not benefit the common people”, I ask: what benefits common people more - economic development that will allow them access every modern advancement and opportunity to create their own enterprises or continued reliance on subsistence agriculture and foreign aid?  To the African nationalist who says “Economic development will cause us to lose our culture and become reliant on the West”, I say: are you not already reliant on the West for aid, technology, medicine, and manufactured goods?

Africa is on the road to being plundered for a second time. As the Asians enter the second half of the expansion phase where they go from simply gaining greater technological abilities and higher living standards to expanding their political and economic control, they will subjugate Africa and plunder its resources without giving it a second thought.

Would not Africa deserve such a fate for squandering such a glorious opportunity?

It is not enough to want, to believe, or even to give lip service, you must act! The actions that are most imperative are those that will farther the goal of free market industrial development in Africa and any persons, groups, or ideology that stands in the way must be obliterated by any means.

Heed my words, the difference between success and failure, master and slave, subjugator and subjugated, is the will to act!


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