7th ARB Meeting: Probing Governance and Prosperity in Africa

Published on 25th August 2009

Theme:   Probing Governance and Prosperity in Africa 

Date:      November 11 - 14, 2009 

Venue:    Arusha Tanzania 


Founded in 2001, IREN has organized over 72 high profile forums and hosted over 4,500 delegates from across the globe with varied professional background. These have included high school and university students, farmers, civil society leaders, journalists, policy makers and business leaders who met to discuss issues focused on Africa’s economic development. 

The economic and governance crisis in Africa has been blamed on colonialism, poor institutions and bad leadership. Africa’s founding fathers are blamed for having adopted a ‘forgive and forget policy’ as opposed to focusing on restitution. African challenges have also been blamed on questionable measurement benchmarks, ethnic clashes and lack of indigenization of the African economy. 

The 7th ARB meeting will address the theme “Probing Governance and Prosperity in Africa” by seeking to answer the following fundamental questions:- 

* How has political leadership in Africa affected governance and prosperity on the continent?

* What role have foreign countries played in the governance and prosperity dilemma facing Africa? 

* Do we need new institutional structures to better govern African countries? 

* What is the role of the private sector in building governance and prosperity structures in Africa? 

* What standards of measurement should Africa adopt in its quest for better governance and prosperity? 

* What impact will current global economic slow down have on Africa’s governance system?  

IREN invites scholars, politicians, policy makers, civil society members and business leaders among others to the 7th African Resource Bank Meeting to brainstorm on the above theme. 

See the Africa Governance Quiz 

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Preps for the 4th COMESA Youth, Food and Agric Exhibition Underway  

Registration has started for the 4th COMESA Youth, Food and Agriculture Exhibition and Interactive Conference which will be held in Lusaka from 6th to 11th November 2009. The theme for the conference is ‘Green Solutions for African Agriculture, the Food Industry and the African Youth’.  

The COMESA Youth Programme – (FOYA 4H) under the patronage for the COMESA Secretariat and in conjunction with the Government of Zambia will be hosting the 4th Youth, Food and Agriculture Exhibition whose main objective Preps for the 4th COMESA Youth, Food and Agric Exhibition Underway is to address and provide a fully participatory central stage platform for youths.  

The conference is expected to attract 1, 600 participants from the agriculture/farming industry, food industry, top government officials, corporate executives, policy makers, farmers organisations, educators, researchers, retailers, producers, students and individuals with a passion for agriculture.  


[email protected] or +260 977 101669 Thompson/ +260 977 860333 Veronica

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