Probing Governance and Prosperity in Africa Report Launch

Published on 10th November 2009

Event:    The 7th ARB Meeting (November 11 – 14, 2009)
Theme:   Launching Report on Probing Governance and Prosperity in Africa
Launch Date:  November 12th November 2009
Venue:    Kibo Palace Hotel, Arusha Tanzania

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN Kenya) will launch a report from a 3 month online opinion survey carried out by The African Executive magazine on governance and prosperity in Africa. The launch will coincide with IREN Kenya’s annual Africa Resource Bank Meeting that will bring together over 40 delegates from 7 African countries. This year’s event will focus on Probing Governance and Prosperity in Africa.

“The question of governance and prosperity in Africa has been widely discussed. The governance crisis has led to the International Community intervening in a number of African countries. What is the root cause of these crises? The objective of having a special focus on this subject is to draw new definitions and measurement parameters that reflect the desire of Africans,” says James Shikwati Director IREN Kenya.

Since 2001, Inter Region Economic Network (IREN Kenya) has rallied professionals from various backgrounds in a bid to forge feasible alternatives to solve problems affecting Africa. IREN has organized over 72 high profile forums and hosted over 4,500 delegates from across the globe.

The report on governance and prosperity will focus on 6 key areas below: -

* How has political leadership in Africa affected governance and prosperity on the continent?
* What role have foreign countries played in the governance and prosperity dilemma facing Africa?
* Do we need new institutional structures to better govern African countries?
* What is the role of the private sector in building governance and prosperity structures in Africa?
* What standards of measurement should Africa adopt in its quest for better governance and prosperity?
* What impact will current global economic slow down have on Africa’s governance system?

For more details contact

James Shikwati
Africa Resource Bank Coordinator and Director, Inter Region Economic Network.
Phone 254-20-2731497,
Cell: 254-733-823062
Email [email protected]


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