What is Wrong with Blacks?

Published on 23rd November 2009

Rtd. Astronaut Charles Bolden.Why aren't Blacks' accomplishments being felt?              Photo courtesy

What goes on in the black neighborhoods of America, is the source of experiments and policies dished out to African nations and other blacks throughout the world.


Before the advent of the 'missionaries' to Africa, Africans held their own and did things to sustain and propagate their land. But with everything 'right" and righteous with the West and its attendant 'Whiteman's presence, Africans got sold into slavery and colonialism.


As independence was offered/given/fought for by Africans, blacks in America were offered/given civil rights. As Africans were given human rights, Blacks got civil rights. However, non of all these rights, included economic rights.


In Texas, more than 70% of corporations formed and registered by blacks in the Secretary of State office, are for non-profits [social entities for some lousy programs because Blacks have been convinced and shepherded into thinking that the way to go is to be 'given' something and all one need do is show up again next year and ask for some more - Oliver Twist mentality.


Africans are sold to non-governmental organizations. For the West to undermine the integrity of some national governments, they have cultivated ways to circumvent the governments they want; giving something but never enough to make any positive difference. In turn, the unsuspecting African like her cousin in USA - America, has joined the ranks of beggars depending on the so called generosity of some God's sent westerner with money. Deceptive practices of the highest order.


To add salt to injury, the Black person; the most exposed Blacks in the world because of virtue of their presence in US, is the least capable in them lies limiting confidence and convictions capable to propel them to heights within their reach. When one runs and counts the miles at the same time, less distance is covered. As much as driving is helped looking and using the rear view mirror, distraction can be caused and destination never reached if the focus is on the rear view mirror.


Our collective histories have been that of a people treated as less than. But now that we have found LOVE?, and we understand the reasons for the attitude meted out to us, should we recoil into what used to be or uncoil and take the bull by the horn?


We have attended the same schools, and often graduated on top of our classes. How come then that the outcome afforded us by the same education, is always less than? If 23% is the number of Americans that hold college education and that if that rate holds true across ethnicities, it means that there are more blacks holding college education than Jewish Americans. Why then does the Jew (with a population less than 8 million in America) 'run' things? By the way, there are about 40m blacks in USA - America. If you figure that out, then you probably has found the 'best' thing since sliced bread.


Until the most exposed black person in the world: The 'Black' in America, rise up to the occasion and function independent of given resources - hand-outs, the faith of the black race is doomed. While the African is trooping/trudging, much more could be done if her cousin in USA-America, is strong and is a beacon of confidence. But as long as the black in USA-America, is more of an entertainer, dancer, preacher-but-non-practitioner, singer, athlete, and hardly a portrayal of brain power for the advancement of one's economic and socio-psychological condition, black people are endangered species.


We can pray all we want, sing praises on top of our voices and build bigger churches but if on Monday thru Friday, we cannot provide sources of economic presence for our people, we will never emerge. He who keeps one's wealth has undue power over their well being and welfare. Despite the enormous amount of Sunday collections from black churches, there are hardly banks worth the flip that are owned by black folks.


We take pride telling each other how much we consume, but we are short telling ourselves how much of what we consume we OWN. Some black athletes will buy a $60,000 car but end up spending $600,000 to spruce it up. Where lies judgment and reasonableness in such practice? There is no black owned firm quoted on NYSE. We take back our neighborhoods via small measures and steps - in a pebble drop strides, and sooner than latter what once appeared as insurmountable, becomes achievable.


We need each other but that 'NEED' can never come about if any one side feels a sense of superiority induced more because of the geography of their birth as opposed to the content of the side. While I am allergic to church and its attending, I subscribe to certain biblical ways that tells me 'God created man in His own image,' and as a result, no human being no matter the geography of their birth, holds sway over me. That I hold dear and cherish.


Igbos say that when 'two farmers are deliberating as to what to farm and how much to farm, the farmer with the hoe always starts farming/planting and during harvest time, look forward to something'. So People, what farmer are you? The one with the hoe or one thinking about getting a hoe?


I Rest!


By Ejike E. Okpa ii

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