The West 'Hypocritic' on DR Congo

Published on 26th April 2010

UN: Accomplice in looting DR Congo?       Photo courtesy

Is it true that foreigners are stealing jobs in Western countries hence the embargo on African immigrants? What a contradiction! How much has the West stolen and is still stealing from non western countries?  The development of the West was built on the blood and suffering of African countries during the time of slavery and colonization. What they stole is neither measurable nor comparable to what they claim foreign immigrants are ‘stealing’ from them now.

African nations have never been compensated for this abuse and exploitation. All the West gives is a verbal ‘sorry’ that doesn’t change the state of Africans who are suffering. Moreover, to say ‘sorry’ but continue stealing and legislate against foreign immigrants shows a lack of remorse.

Do we objectively question why Western troops are in strategic conflict areas? They set camp in areas close to oil, diamond, gas, coltan and other strategic minerals with a view of plundering. The Iraq war proves this. Ironically the production of Afghan drugs has increased during the expensive war on terror. 

Western companies plunder coltan, a strategic material used to make computers and mobiles phones, from bloody Congolese soil. After accruing huge profits, these nations channel part of the profit as aid or loans to Africa and are praised for their ‘generosity.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the coalition of world troops is imposed to help plunder our resources, cover up ongoing silent and forgotten genocide of more than six million victims and provide misleading information.

We deserve to live in peace, live in our own land and determine our own destiny. Are Congolese set to die so that Western nations with their accomplices in Rwanda can live better lives? For over fourteen years, we have denounced this invasion.  For more than three decades, the West supported Mobutu’s dictatorship that saw many Congolese citizens flee to exile. The Free State of Congo under Belgium’s King Leopold II was a hell to live in. 

Today, we Congolese citizens are asked to forget this past and to cooperate with our aggressors who have turned into saviours. This is outrageous!  It is sad that as the 50th anniversary of our independence comes this summer, Western leaders who have contributed greatly to the suffering of people in DR Congo will also posture to wish us well. Western values of human rights, freedom and justice can no longer be believed as the same nations never practice them overseas.

The pain of many Congolese suffering over the decades as a result of Western machinations will never continue to be concealed and go unpunished. If we want to build a society based on values, it is time for western leaders to be courageous, acknowledge what they have caused, in the past and now and correct the wrongs.  

There must be change. Let justice replace injustice; truth replace falsehood and human dignity be respected.  The West may continue to steal, prop up unpopular leaders; inflict pain and death and support invading powers like Rwanda which is likely the Hitler’s third Reich but let them know that history will judge them harshly.

By Kamongo Mawanda.

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