ICC: Kenyans Pursue Justice

Published on 6th April 2011



This evening, I want to speak to you about developments in our country that have occupied our national debate and continue to cause much concern and uncertainty.

Beginning tomorrow, six of our citizens will appear as suspects at the International Criminal Court at The Hague in relation to the post-election violence of 2007-2008.  From the ICC, we expect nothing but justice for the victims and a fair process for the suspects.

This development is both unprecedented and unfortunate.  Unprecedented because it has never happened to our citizens before. We never ever imagined it would. Unfortunate because it is a big statement on the failure of our national institutions.

Over this weekend beginning Friday, the people of Kenya will be saying prayers for all those who still grieve, for the children whose worlds were shattered, for parents who lost entire families for all who feel that their safety and security remain threatened.

As a nation, let us reflect on the two months in which Kenya burnt,the trail of destruction and pain left behind and how we pulled together from the brink of disintegration of our Nation.

This is the time when all Kenyans from every walk of life must unite in our resolve for justice and peace. Kenya has faced trying moments before. As a nation, we must never forget why we are where we are. Yet we must also go forward in the spirit of patriotism, reconciliation, tolerance and unity.

I would like to assure all Kenyans and the international community that the security and stability of our nation is not under threat.

Finally, I pay tribute to the great courage, resilience and endurance of the people of Kenya. I call on our citizens to pray that from this process, the truth comes out; and justice is done.  Only the truth shall set us free. Taking from our National Anthem, may justice be our shield and defender.

God bless Kenya!
Thank You.

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