Twinning Cities to Spur Development in Counties

Published on 15th December 2011

By Kenneth Kwama, The Standard

All the 47 countries in Kenya have an opportunity to initiate beneficial economic activities and improve trade within their borders.

This follows the commencement of an agreement that seeks to partner them with other cities from across the globe through the Eastern Africa Sister Cities organisation (EASC).

The initiative works through what is commonly referred to as sister city twinning. It creates a partnership where business interests can be expanded as co-operating entities learn from each other. Generally, the parties strive to co-operate at the municipal level, promote cultural understanding and stimulate economic development.

The concept will be a major boost to the development of the county system of government, especially considering the huge financial implications.

"Our counties have a lot to offer to investors, both local and international, but lack of publicity, information and deeper understanding of local issues has been hindering progress," says EASC’s regional director James Shikwati.

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