Miguna: Why the PM Must Protect Him

Published on 16th July 2012

Miguna Miguna with his new book. Photo courtesy

Former advisor to Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Miguna Miguna is treading on dangerous grounds and has fallen into a well-choreographed plan to stop the PM. The script was on the pipeline and was only waiting for Mr. Gullible to be used to complete it.

From the surface, the uninformed may believe that ODM and their Leader has been done a big blow, especially by the launching of Miguna Miguna’s book, Peeling Back the Mask: A Quest for Justice in Kenya. However, some revelations show that these are last ditch desperate attempts to slow down ODM’s march. Raila Odinga seems to have weathered almost every attempt from a script which was allegedly well planned in the House on the Hill, and is seriously recovering lost ground while gaining new ground.

The plan was to systematically destroy Raila’s base by offering large sums of money to those they intended to use in the plan and have a rebellion inside ODM to make it look like the Members were dissatisfied with their Leader. This plan did not start yesterday. The whole idea was hatched immediately after the coalition government was formed way back in 2008. It partly entailed displaying arrogance towards the PM to such levels that the PM would appear as though he was nothing. It is through this plan that an ex Secretary to the Cabinet was to be heard asking as to who the PM was. The Secretary appeared like he wielded more power than the PM.  The idea was to deflate the power of the PM, so that, his party Members would lose faith and confidence in him.

To make this succeed, they recruited the services of the international Kenyan allies to look at ODM's leader in a negative light. Some very powerful Ambassador was seen frequently dinning with them, where this Ambassador was to secretly report back to his superiors that the ODM Leader had no vision for Kenya. Secret dossiers on these meetings have been revealed by Julian Assange. The misguided reports and the subsequent cover up in portraying the planners as the qualified people to Kenya's throne, is what allegedly led to the ambassador being relieved of his duty.

With this assumed accomplishment, the next plan was to "peel" off the assumed "military commander of ODM to leave his boss. This was easily done by isolating one William Ruto and changing him to bitterly complain about his leader. At some point, Ruto was made to believe that in essence his ODM Leader was his enemy.

Unfortunately, for Ruto, Raila smelled a rat and decided to test the ground. He suspended Ruto as a Minister, pending investigations. But this was not to be; both Ruto and Ongeri's suspensions were overturned on the pretext that he Raila was not the appointing authority. At that point, Raila’s  think tank advised that Ruto had been misled to believe that he would be safe in the ‘enemy's’ camp.

Ruto was completely misled to believe that his enemy was Raila. He swallowed the whole bait, and made a homecoming at 64 Stadium which was attended by a battery of MPs; all of it done behind Raila. Ruto knew that he was in good hands. It was false security.

Backtrack a little, and come to the Mau forest issue. A cabinet meeting resolved that people in Mau be evicted and an alternative land found for them. By good or bad luck, the PM was charged with the mandate to supervise the exercise. But behind the scenes, a plan was underway to oppose this cabinet decision, all on assumption that by rejecting this, Raila would look real bad. Another bad idea. Ruto, though, still swallowed this and opposed the PM. Bad blood was already boiling in ODM, where Raila was not at fault at all.

Fast forward, and come to ICC. Ruto, enjoying unlimited security and protection from State House, was made to believe that Raila had hatched this Hague thing. He was made to believe that Raila could not defend him. This notion though was proved wrong when Henry Kosgey who stuck with ODM was given a competent lawyer to defend him and disapprove all allegations against him at the Hague. He is now a free man.

When Ruto finally bolted out, there was still more work to be done. Mudavadi was believed to represent the Luhya vote which is large enough, and which was deemed could sway the election in Raila’s favor. Allegedly, with a little money, he bolted out on the most "flimsy" ground.

The departure of Musalia was believed to leave Raila completely vulnerable. Unfortunately, what they did not realize was that Raila is the number one mobilizer in Kenya. Raila reloaded with the youth of Kenya who really want change. This came as a shocker to the anti-Raila machinery. They therefore decided to use the "straw." This they believed was surely going to sink the man. Miguna was sprung from some hideout where he has been working on a "Grapevine Book." The prelude to this Book has been shown time and again on K24. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to conclude as to who funded the book.

Have you noticed that Miguna is quick to shout that nobody paid him any money? He is also quick to reiterate that he cannot be bought. Is this true? Time will tell. He wants people to kneel before him because he has dossier to take people to the Hague. One asks how he got that information.

All this points to the fact that these are concerted efforts mounted to try to weaken Raila  as a man with his party ODM. But will they succeed? Is the Kenyan voter so gullible and forgetful to be cheated and not to remember whose efforts brought them the new constitution? I leave that question to the Kenyan voter to answer. Better the devil you know than the one you are about to discover.

Miguna is now walking a very tight rope. If something happens to him, it is going to be blamed on the PM. So, difficult as it may look, the PM is confronted with a situation where he has to make sure that Miguna is safe at all times. But Miguna must also realize that, some of the information he threatens to reveal, may touch on people who are uncompromising. These people are not Raila Odinga. So, as much as he has assassinated the character of Raila Odinga, he must realize that he also has the responsibility to maintain peace and to protect himself; for Raila may not be in a position to protect him. Is this so hard for Miguna to understand?

By Jagem K'Onyiego
[email protected]

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