African Executive Launch in Uganda and Tanzania

Published on 20th June 2006

Last week The African Executive took seat in the East Africa region. This was marked by the launch of the magazine in Dar es Salaam-Tanzania and Kampala-Uganda hence expanding its reach. The event attracted over 30 business people, journalists and students in each country.

Many companies have products going beyond the Kenyan border to Uganda and Tanzania and vice versa, hence the need for such businesses to reach a wider market.

“The people of Uganda have been given an awesome platform to help shape Uganda and Africa through discovering the African problem and using the power of the mind to breed homegrown solutions,” said Otto Matthew, a Ugandan participant. James Shikwati, The African Executive CEO observes, “The African Executive has given Africans a strategic forum to share ideas and opinions about the future of Africa.”

Cholera Threat Returns


Guinea Bissau-While the first seasonal rains are falling in Guinea Bissau there are inflaming fears of another cholera outbreak in the poorest districts of the capital, Bissau. Last year, Guinea Bissau bore the brunt of a cholera epidemic that afflicted over 42,000 across West Africa. Some 26,000 people were stricken and more than 400 died of the water borne disease in tiny Guinea Bissau alone. Access to clean drinking water is scarce. The water company frequently switches off street taps, forcing the women and children to scoop their drinking water from a nearby well. As the rains fall again on Bissau, the annual threat of further fatal cholera outbreaks reappears as matter from open and broken sewers floods into drinking water sources.


Youth Asked to Struggle against Individual Obstacles


On June 16, 1976 the youth of Soweto took to the streets to fight against an oppressive system that forced them to study in Afrikaans. The Gauteng provincial government urged the youth to commemorate the youth of 1976 by fighting their own struggle against HIV/AIDS and unemployment. "Their struggle was against the ruling structure, but the youth of today struggle against individual obstacles such as HIV/Aids and unemployment," the province said.


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