Zimbabwe Lags Behind in Phone Technology

Published on 27th June 2006

As mobile phone technology is being embraced rapidly in African counties, Zimbabwe is missing out. Zimbabweans are purchasing a pay as you earn card at fifteen million Zimbabwe dollars or more. Speculators buy the line once they are released by the three mobile operating companies and resell them on the black market. Zimbabwe has had a rise in black market and this is due to shortage in foreign currency. Dakarayi, spokesperson at Econet Wireless Zimbabwe says, “Any significant expansion can only take place if and when the company can access enough hard currency to import network equipment.”


University of Nairobi SIFE Crowned the 2006 Kenya National Champions


Over 500 students converged at Panafric Hotel on Saturday June 24, 2006 for the 4th SIFE National Exposition. The event attracted over 40 judges with 13 competing teams. Each team presented a 24-minute multimedia summary of the projects they developed and implemented in various parts of Kenya throughout the year.


The event ended with University of Nairobi (UON) SIFE being crowned the 2006 National Champions. African Nazarene University took the second position while United States International University took the third position. University of Nairobi SIFE will be representing Kenya in the International Entrepreneurship Competition (The SIFE World Cup) on 11-13, September 2006 in Paris France.


Strike over High Cost of Living


Labor unions called for a national strike over the high cost of living in Niger capital of Niamey last week. The workers' coalition demanded that the government reduce electricity, water and telephone tariffs by between 30 and 50 percent. The coalition says that the economic policies of the government are putting basic utilities such as water and electricity out of their reach. The strike followed recent demonstrations at Niamey University where students had accused the government of embezzling funds intended for their studies.

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