U.S. Elections: Why Trump Presidency is Good for the World

Published on 4th September 2016

Donald Trump, brash billionaire businessman and presidential candidate of the grand old party (GOP) or the U.S Republican Party is media favourite for visceral pillory. Ever since he made his brash entry to U.S primary nomination in the Republican Party, media heckles and tantrums have been his lot. Despite his travails in the mainstream media, he crushed his Republican Peers to scoop the presidential nomination. His political insurgency has been peppered all the way, with outlandish innuendoes, including the most notorious jibes to ban Muslims from entering the U.S and building a great wall across the shared border with Mexico. 

However amidst Mr. Donald Trump’s so called daily garbage of unprintable tantrums rests some immutable and intelligible diagnosis of what ails the United States of America. According to Trump, the worldwide misadventure of Washington is eating away the vitality of the country to provide for its own people and there is no sense in American exceptionalism and the burden of a global policeman it has imposed on itself. He clarifies that Washington’s military interventions to effect regime change in distant lands is responsible for the vacuums which ISIS and other terror  groups have sprang up to fill. He promises to whittle the Washington-led western military alliance, NATO, appetite for wars, by scaling down America’s financial commitment, urging the European members to get ready to pick their own bills for far-flung military adventures. Mr. Donald says, he will plough back to the Americans for their welfare and upkeep, the fortunes expended abroad to finance wars, revisionist colour revolutions and other provocations that pit America against the world. 

Mr. Trump’s promise to make America is a normal country that looks after itself and its people first, while contributing its own fair share to global governance. If he fulfils his vision to restore America to a normal country, that minds its own business, the world would leap to a new framework of multilateralism, engaged in mutual consultations and dialogue of civilizations devoid of the arrogance of exceptionalism and indispensability of any one nation or group of nations. 

While Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate for November U.S presidential polls poses as the epitome of civilized political behaviour, she is actually the political package of the war industry. Her rhetoric of active Washington bohemia across the world is a recipe for global chaos that would escalate confrontations with Russia using the pretext of Ukraine; China by exacerbating the tensions in the South China Sea and the Middle East. Her government would hollow out third world and especially African economies by excessive neo-liberal tightening for greater surplus accumulation of the metropolitan capital. 

The U.S global domination has taken a huge toll on the quality of life of ordinary Americans, including the whites’ working class, who are the main support base of Mr. Donald Trump. The worsening state racial violence in which African Americans are the largest victims in the United States, represent the travails of an overstretched system. 

The finesse in the language of American politics has always disguised the undercurrent of systematic exclusion of the working and toiling people to the country’s political and socio-economic mainstream. The highly regimented discourse of America’s electoral politics has been busted by the brash and freewheeling interjections of Mr. Trump. The Trump mystic and even his popularity among American nativist working class is the unusual candour and clinical expressions that mirrors their fears and even hopes. Straying from rudiments of American political hypocrisy and electoral correctness has earned Mr. Trump, the ire of the guardians of the system, including the mainstream media. 

The decorum that Mrs. Hillary Clinton exudes and exemplifies is actually the traditional elite double speak that has America high on ideals and rhetoric but low in delivering services to Americans. Mr. Trump, in casting his wide net of blushful political promises also sells dummies. Hammering immigrations as the reason why Americans have no jobs is a white wash, but if America becomes less meddlesome by minding her own business, most immigrants, would stay home in their own countries to pursue their own dreams. 

It may not really matter to the rest of the world, how Mr. Trump resolves America’s intractable domestic problems but if he could refocus Washington to the real challenge of improving  the lives of America, with less penchant to global trouble making, the world would be a better place. 

By Charles Onunaiju. 

Mr. Onunaiju is a journalist and director, Center For China Studies, in Utako, Abuja.

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