Africa Must Keenly Watch Developments in the US

Published on 1st February 2017


The United States of America successfully exported the “American dream” to Africa as is evidenced in culture, the quest for democratic ideals and international market platforms, among others. The export has for decades served as an anchor to all aspiring young Africans to be as innovative and as successful as the most successful American.

President Donald Trump’s executive order on migrants  from certain countries and refugees in general signals a deeper value shift that should worry Africans. At the stroke of the pen, the US can alter the already unfavorable international market order to a worse scenario for Africans. Are we ready? Do we have plan B? The firing of Attorney General, Ms. Sally Q. Yates, too sends a bad signal to a continent already struggling to embrace the rule of law. Africans, who for decades have looked up to the US and other Western countries for standards on governance should be informed that the ground has shifted.

America still remains a global power, but Africans have to start reviewing their benchmark for a “good dream.” One key lesson from Trump’s decision is from American businesses reactions.  Some members of the US business community with global operations are aware of a possible backlash.  Africans should not only watch developments in the US, but also start buttressing navigational tools on how to survive the  unfolding new world order.

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