G20 Forum for Africa: What is in it For Africa?

Published on 13th June 2017

Chancellor Merkel’s invite of the heads of state and government of African partner countries to the international G20 Africa Partnership Conference is a step in the right direction. A key feature of the gathering is the presentation of “The Compact with Africa” initiative that aims at spurring higher investment levels – particularly from foreign investors – in infrastructure and employment in the continent. Another feature is to strengthen political stability in Africa, minimise the root causes of displacement and illegal migration and to promote ownership in Africa.

The forum comes in the wake of similar forums hosted by Brazil, India, China, Japan, Russia, USA, and lately Israel. Inundated with such fora, Africa must be keen to identify her interests, clearly articulate the interest, strategise on how to navigate the various partnerships wooing the continent and be wary of sinking into debt. Africa should push for the revision of the existing skewed economic order that sees the continent export raw materials and import finished products hence externalizing Africa’s resources, curb the alarming capital flight and seal tax loopholes.

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