MIguna Miguna’s Assault Blight to Kenya’s Image

Published on 28th March 2018

The Kenya government’s handling of one of its citizens, Dr Miguna Miguna, by making his entry into his own country difficult is worrying. The government is on record of defying court orders to set him free and deporting him to Canada after humiliating his person. Even if Miguna has broken the law, isn’t there a civilized manner of handling him?

The images of the self styled leader of the National Resistance Movement being roughed up,  his clothes torn and shouting himself hoarse against  harassment and being forcefully bundled into a Dubai-bound plane should make all Kenyans afraid. Kenyans might keep quiet and enjoy the drama now but they should know each of them is encapsulated in Muguna Miguna, hence their security and birthright is under threat. That is why Miguna’s lawyers and the courts which have the future of this country at heart must not relent.

It is worth noting that apart from visiting him, The NASA Principal and self styled ‘Peoples President’ has not released a public statement condemning the mistreatment of one of his Generals. Is he complicit to the scheme? Is he afraid of the popularity of the now ‘One Man Opposition’ leader in the name of Miguna MIguna? Now that Raila Odinga has direct access to the President of Kenya, can’t he appeal against the circus? Is the President of Kenya aware of the damage the drama is causing to the country?

It is sad that the foreign envoys in Kenya have lost their mettle as far as their previous role of standing against human rights abuses  is concerned. They can now watch journalists being assaulted, the state turning to a police state, and the state breaking law and order, without raising a voice.

Miguna Miguna’s mistreatment should energize Kenyans to revisit concerns on injustices and selective use of the rule of law. Kenya needs a structured national dialogue to heal the ills that plague it. This dialogue is good for all – for those in government and for those outside government. Together, let us build  a new Kenya where we tolerate and respect each other. The time is now.

Concerned  Citizen.

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