Did Facebook Reject Zimbabwe Ndebele Culture ?

Published on 9th May 2018

I paid $50.00 to promote the Ndebele culture on Facebook and it was declined. The Ndebele poet was reciting for King Bulelani whom I support for coronation. My great grandfather Maphahla Mafa "heir" ilifa Sigodo Sibanda is buried in Mbembesi, our family’s original rural home. He was the Chief medical doctor for King Lobengula. His father Masonginyoka was  the Chief medical doctor for King Mzilikazi. My family is one of the first inhabitants of KwaBulawayo. I wanted to help spread Zimbabwe's Ndebele culture but the awareness Ad was rejected on the grounds that Facebook does not allow content that is shocking, disrespectful, sensational or that depicts violence or threats. The language and pictures in my view were pure.

Divine Mafa-ilifa Sibanda

Son of Trade unionist Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda.

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