An Open Letter to the People of South Sudan

Published on 26th June 2018

National dignity and respect are the costless tools that can reshape and guide South Sudanese into prosperous South Sudan.

In a every social setting, respect and acknowledgement of good work done enhance social cohesiveness and progress, it is a core responsibility of the citizens to respect their Leaders, the Army and the Organized Forces in order to foster team work, accomplishments and importantly for complimentary and smooth wheeling of national unity which must also be reciprocated to the civilians.

It is therefore, depressing and cheerless when leaders bunch themselves according to interests, if there is a significant call for such than it is the local representatives who can do so in line with nationalization of national resources and services, unfortunately when the leaders at  the national level troop themselves according to their areas of origin and constituencies the furthest the citizens are scatter and divided among the political shelves.

Regional, tribal and community  responsibilities should be detached from national management for the simple reason that the national leadership engulf all the other configurations of leadership and therefore, for the basis of national dignity , leaders should not affix themselves to some particulars sections of the nation.

Politicians and national leaders should initiate frameworks and policies of good governance; they have to ensure there is equitable distribution of national resources and inclusive representations.

National agendas should clearly be drawn and rigorously rule of law must be applied with intensify follow ups and implementations.

The custodians of national activities and innovations are the academia, they educate the public on constructive views by producing academic volumes through filter documentaries and researches.

The academies must pass knowledge to the apprentices without penchant assortment and this in actual fact expose the academic power shape of the nation which if seen should be given back to them by the nation without ignorant and closed reality.

Chiefs are the tower of strength and executors of customary law in any vicinity of social commune, bad practices such as revenge killings, cattle raiding, child abduction, child marriage should be openly discussed and condemn by the chiefs and their circle of leadership.

Punishments for misconducts, bad practices and guidance on customary ethics and practices such as dowries payment, various forms of repayments, blood compensations and land disputes are areas of proficient where the chiefs can significantly assist in the promotion of national dignity and pride. Chiefs empowerment to deal with biases at their structural levels can be prolific if consider.

Youths essential roles in the development and progress of a nation are seen when the youths refrain from bad wars and conflict and be actively involved in constructive projects such as community road construction, investing in community centers, communal farming, formation of local cooperative societies and youth agricultural clubs.

Youths can eliminate bad leaders by avoiding political shielding and blind support; they must denounce the abuse of human rights and take up the culture of positive social changes given the fact that it is their mothers, fathers, wives, children, sisters, and young brothers who innocently endure the brutality of their hostile sectional blackmailing and gesticulation.

Women principal role of child education and upbringings laid a future concrete foundation for the children, women should treat all the children equally, and worthwhile children’s guidance, discipline and motherly care are what the nation cans delightfully milk from the women if they are socially and economically empower.

Religious Leaders have to shun isolated attacks center on social, economic and political milieu they must extremely invest in Godly conducts base on healthy proclamations and biblical feeding of God’s flock that ensure safe and constructive relationship among men themselves and with their God the Almighty. They should be given respect since they link the mankind with the Creator.

Activists have to provide vivid and precise public opinions without victimization and political courting, coordinating with all the departments without selection; they have to tell the truth without sullying it with contradictions; activists must observe the ethics of governance and activism by moving closely with the public.

Businessmen who are offering the best services to the nation need empowerment and recognition and those who disobey the rule of honesty should be punished over the use of false scales and weighs, they should not overcharge and must avert selling of expiry goods, national harming businesses such as black marketing of hard Currency and fuel should be precluded.

Owing to fertility and vastness of South Sudan’s land, people of South Sudan particularly the farmers can intensively invest in Agricultural activities and since there is a ready market for the produces fear of excess productions is out of the planning box, moreover, to maintain the unbreakable chain of dependency between the producers, middlemen and consumers.

Farmers must charge a reasonable primary price for their produces such that the massive anger of the middle men is not heap on the consumers. Systematize farmers’ assistant and provision of farms inputs can boost the quality and quantities of productions.

The students ought to engage the concern academic stakeholders on how their academic requirements and demands can be met; it is wise enough for the students to actively participate in students affairs that are constructive and promotional to their educational journey and within the domain of public interest.

Students’ welfare and assistant need considerate attention so that that the students can avoid impure politics, jumping from academic window to political window is peril to the students and their academic journeys.

A comportment and accustomed media must disseminate information that can promote the integrity of their objectives and missions by toting up their positive contributions to the nation building, reliable media can avoid propaganda by reporting professionally, independent media should not incline to the political walls by taking political side.

It is the mandate of trustful media to conduct methodical research by compiling adequate information and references before feeding their audiences. Professional media players must duck tantrum response and criticism. Training of journalists and availability of encouraging environment for journalism can enable them carry out their activities without falsifying.

Social medias were innovated purposely for socialization and interactions as the name suggests, it was not predestined for social assassination as exposed by the majority of its users particularly South Sudan users, any form of corrections and criticism to the government should not be abusively be done on social media.

Social medias are being used by countless individuals who have their own governments across the globe, exposing your brother bad characters and preaching your sister good character by using  long distance ranging  microphone to the further end of your neighbourhoods can never leave you behind without your own character being assumed by the addressees.

Prominently for us to achieve our national dignity and pride we must reflect the best image of our nation, anything good about our nation convey crystal premium about us and a false impression oppose our distinction.


The Army and Organized forces are mandated to protect the civilians from the outlaws; men in uniforms should not take political siding, The Army and Organized Forces must ensure that the law abusers are discipline and sentence according to their crimes and rules of engagement.

Training and institutionalization of the army and organized forces must be prioritized, individuals who intermingle in activities that are of civil nature must be punished and disciplined, for simplicity of development and progress within the Republic of  South Sudan citizens must protect and respect the Constitution.

Nation building is like a rainbow, when one colour fades away, the rest of the colours become a partial rainbow and can disappear without being

By Awuol Gabriel Arok,  

The author is Writer, and a Poet, has a Bachelor Degree in Social and Developmental Studies from the University of Juba, South Sudan, he is the author of the unpublished book ‘‘The Wisdom Horn’’ and an Initiator of ‘‘Your Tribe is My Tribe’’ and ‘‘Giving Heart Foundation’’ initiatives. He can be reached via his email Address: [email protected]

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