Inadequate Knowledge Hampers Russian-African Investment

For more two decades, Russia has been struggling to regain its Soviet-era economic influence, but such efforts have hi

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Local Grassroots Prosperity is World’s Prosperity

The world is always capable of creating perpetual grassroots prosperity for its global inhabitants but what’s st

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Africa's Public Diplomacy and Soft Power Deficit as Potential

Africa is undergoing an unrelenting scramble for its body, soul and spirit by marauding established and emerging power

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U.S. Elections: Why Trump Presidency is Good for the World

Mr. Trump’s promise to make America is a normal country that looks after itself and its people first, while contributing its own fair share to global governance.

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Democracy and Human Rights Status in Africa

We are also witnessing the shrinking civic space in Africa in which the state becomes everything and in the process civil society seems to be in retreat, including the women’s movement and yout

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The Politics and Consequences of IGAD Intervention in the Republic Of South Sudan

IGAD Plus present move to interfere in the internal affairs of South Sudan will predictably complicate matters than providing solutions to the conflict they are trying to resolve.

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The Sixth African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2016

The AGRF has a major task to deliberate on transformative policies and answer this call through the declaration that will be made.

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Zambia Elections 2016

The current president is facing a hard time to sell his manifesto

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Church, State and National Development

Many have missed altogether the co-relationship between God’s Law (God’s Word) and the constitution and other national laws

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The Role of Media in Development

The exercise of editorial power must be tempered with restraint, responsibility, good taste and a very firm sense of proportion.

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The Role of Intellectual Dissidence in Redefining Africa’s Position in the World

Can African intellectual dissidents develop an African philosophy, ideology and spirituality that will become the bedrock and engine of Africa’s development?

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Leadership in Africa: What Role for Intellectuals?

A lot of what we do is inaccessible to an ordinary person and so, there is a divide.

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Why We Must Place African Leaders on the Hot Seat

Money from outside the continent should purchase value added products from Africa instead of addressing short term political interests of African leaders and satisfying developed markets’ long

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Prince Mashele’s “Disorder Now The SA Theme”: A Rejoinder

Prince Mashele is reading the wrong authors and books by quoting from Henry Kissinger’s 'World Order'

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White Supremacy: Alive in South Africa?

Africans at schools in South Africa have been victims of white supremacy (racism).

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Brexit and the Politics of Micro-Nationalism in Africa

In Africa, where there has been a resurgence of micro-nationalisms since the cold war ended 25 years ago

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The Journey to Significance Starts from Within!

Ike Amadi is a fiercely passionate and energetic young Nigerian whose vision in life is to inspire others to do something to better themselves and their communities.

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Kenya Seeks Closer Cooperation With Russia

Kenya and Russia had established diplomatic relations on December 14, 1963 and now have growing solid relations.

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President Obama on Ebola and Press Freedom in Africa

What we do know is that the Ebola virus, both currently and in the past, is controllable if you have a strong public health infrastructure in place.

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Enactus World Cup - 2016

Moi University Enactus Team at The Enactus World Cup – 2016 in Toronto, Canada

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The 14th IREN Africa Resource Bank Forum

The Social Market Economy:Realizing Possibilities for Africa

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