Conspiracy in South Africa: ANC, PAC and AZAPO

Published on 15th January 2019

In the 1980’s, there was leaked information that the ANC leadership vowed to crash the PAC and the Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) group Azapo if they did not toe the line. During that time it was not widely known that the ANC leadership had been holding secret talks with officials of the apartheid government. With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that the PAC and Azapo were going to be crashed if they opposed and disrupted the elections. During the elections, unfortunately the PAC and Azapo were not united.

As a matter of principle, Azapo boycotted the 1994 elections. However, Azapo joined the bandwagon during the second elections. It is debatable if this was a wise move because the elections have never liberated any people. The PAC lost its resolve to boycott the elections with the assassination in April 1990 of Jafta Masemola, the longest serving political prisoner on Robben Island and the death by poisoning in October 1990 of Zeph Mothopeng, the second President of the PAC.

It would not have been for the first time that the PAC and Azapo invited the wrath of and experienced violence from the ANC. In the early 1980’s, Azapo and PAC activists were murdered using the gruesome method of putting gasoline soaked tyres around their necks and setting them alight. When BCM activists joined the ANC in exile they were purged, especially during the 1984 mutiny in ANC camps in Angola. Zaba Nkondo, Curtis Nkondo’s younger brother and Chief Seremane, Joe Seremane’s younger brother were two BCM activists who were executed by the ANC in Angola. Searchlight South Africa No. 5 and Comrades Against Apartheid: The ANC & SACP in Exile by Stephen Ellis and Tsepo Sechaba.

The ANC in exile fought tirelessly for derecognition of the PAC from multilateral organisations such as the Organisation of African Unity, United Nations and Non-Aligned Movement but failed dismally. They, however, succeeded in blocking Azapo’s exiled wing, the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania from recognition by those organisations.

The ANC and the SACP knew a long time ago that they were going to capitulate to the apartheid government because in an interview conducted in Zambia with the US’s conservative magazine the New Republic of November 1983, Joe Slovo said the armed struggle had failed. Slovo also denounced Stalinism after being its adherent almost all his life.

The media was also targeted. The ANC’s Chris Tinto is reported to have told members of the South African media in 1989 that, “we would like to have a friendly media.” The ANC and SACP are intolerant to criticism and others' points of view,

The Marikana massacre is a typical example of the atrocities the ANC is capable of committing. This calls to mind what Ralph Miliband wrote in his book Socialism for a Sceptical Age published in 1994. He wrote that should Cosatu cross paths with the ANC government, they will realise that the ANC will take the side of capital. It was not Cosatu against which the ANC took the side of capital but AMCU. The PAC and Azapo were fortunate up to now that the ANC has not unleashed its terror on them post 1994. They have just been marginalised from power.

The ANC and white elite are making sure through rigged elections that the PAC and Azapo are one-seat political parties. All the other parties, including white parties, can make huge electoral gains but not the PAC and Azapo. Votes from rural areas are not counted all counted. Only those from urban areas, especially where white people live, are all counted. That’s why there are more white people in parliament than PAC and Azapo MP’s.

During the upcoming elections the PAC and Azapo should make sure that all the votes from Venda, especially in the Vhembe District, are all counted. They should make sure that all the votes in the rural areas of Limpopo, Eastern Cape, North West, Northern Cape and the Free State are all counted. These rural Africans who are oppressed by white farmers cannot vote for the DA or Freedom Front Plus.

There is an agreement between the ANC and white parties that they will have a certain percentage of votes allocated to them. I mean how can the DA and Freedom Front Plus get more votes than the PAC and Azapo put together? Even the Freedom Front Plus gets more votes than the PAC and Azapo combined. Who supplies IEC computers & software & who prints their ballot papers? Is it imperative to know?

IEC computers, their software and ballot papers

Some people may not be aware why I raised the issues of the suppliers of the IEC’s computers, their software and the printers of ballot papers. Accounts of how elections are rigged may sound too good to be true but they are real. Computer experts and IT specialists can confirm that computers are programmed to produce certain outcomes. This is indisputable.

In 1989 prior to the elections in Namibia, a computer expert in Canada warned Swapo to be vigilant against manipulation of election results through the use of computers. If my memory serves me well, the article in which this issue was discussed was published in the Vancouver Sun.

On ballot papers there were complaints that manufacturers of ballot papers have the technology to produce ballot papers that are marked in advance but the markings are not visible until after a few hours. When a voter makes his/her mark on that type of ballot paper, after a few hours the marking is absorbed and the pre-marked sign appears. It sounds incredible but this is what happens. They are not saying this out of the blue, they know what they are talking about.

Let me share with readers what happened in Botswana’s 1984 elections. The Opposition Botswana National Front (BNF) had been complaining about vote rigging since the dawn of democracy in that country in 1966 until the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) was caught having stolen the Gaborone South constituency votes. The case went to the High Court, the BNF won the case. A by-election was declared and the BNF won Gaborone South constituency.

In Botswana at that time they were using discs. The BDP voters cast red discs and the BNF black discs. The BNF complained that the ruling BDP and its western allies used a chemical to change the black discs of the BNF to turn red. Then the BNF leadership requested that a whole in the middle of their black discs be engraved so that if discs with holes in the middle come out red then it would show there was rigging. The BNF made electoral gains after using engraved discs and became the official opposition.

I heard a voter was given a sealed envelope with discs of all the three political parties at the time. The voter opens the envelope in the booth, chooses his party’s disc and puts it inside the ballot box and discards the other two. During counting they empty the ballot boxes onto a table and the colours of the discs show which political party has more votes. They are then separated according to the colours and counted.

Many things need to change in South Africa, especially the constitution and electoral system. It is clear that in South Africa the political process was designed in such a way that it allows the white elite and comprador bourgeoisie to do as they please while in the process it marginalises the indigenous African people. It is a system meant to benefit thugs and crooks. It began in 1994. A gigantic fraud ever committed on the African continent which they call a miracle because Africans got a raw deal. If white people were the ones who got a raw deal they would not call it a miracle but a raw deal.

If the PAC & BCM can win 70% of the votes, do you think the ANC & their partners in crime the white elite will surrender power?

 *Curtis Nkondo was a prominent ANC leader and Joe Seremane was a member of the PAC who served time on Robben Island in the 1960's after 1994 he joined the predominantly white party the DA and was its Member of Parliament 

By Sam Ditshego

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