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Sudan’s Conflict Exposes Africa’s Soft Underbelly

Sudan’s neighbours are not able to suffocate the junta to relinquish powers because either those nei...

11th June 2019
Abandoned Farms to become a New Normal in Kenya

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) has come up with a pilot initiative – The IREN Growthpad pl...

5th June 2019
Education Crisis In Kenya: A time to Rethink our C...

Education is not something we should play games with. We need to sit and reason together.

4th June 2019
Kenya’s Humiliation of Somalia: What Should Be Don...

All this is happening for several reasons – that emanate from Kenya’s national interest

29th May 2019
How Capitalist Economies Create Unemployment

The powers that be are not worried about unemployment or the welfare of their citizens since they ha...

28th May 2019
Letter to Sudan

Now that the altar of corruption and dictatorship has been brought down, it is time for the nation t...

21st May 2019
Kenya’s Public Debt is Unsustainable and Predatory

This calls for Kenyans to brace for tough economic times in future.

21st May 2019
Challenges Awaiting Kyle McCarter, New US Ambassad...

The new ambassador may be the first US diplomat with a better understanding of Kenya’s culture

21st May 2019
Kenya – Somalia Maritime Dispute: Why Kenya Should...

Fears that Kenya may go down in an embarrassing setback on the maritime dispute with Somalia are ste...

14th May 2019
To Receive or Not to Receive?: The Church and Mone...

The church in Africa in general and Kenya in particular needs to evaluate its decision on many issue...

7th May 2019
African Prince to Donate to France While Africa Su...

In March 2019, Tropical Cyclone Idai was one of the worst tropical cyclones on record to affect Afri...

18th April 2019
Uhuru-Raila Handshake: Has Raila Been Outfoxed?

There is no doubt that the Handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga ha...

18th April 2019
Mass Action: The Antidote to Corruption in Kenya

According to a survey on social media groups, subscribers in Kenya and in the diaspora do agree that...

9th April 2019
South Africa: State Capture Must Be Nipped in the...

It is clear that different ANC factions are fighting to control the state which gives them access to...

2nd April 2019
Remembering the Destruction of Libya

The use of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in relation to Africa's permanent interest varies.

2nd April 2019
Why SABC is Neither Independent Nor Impartial

The media house continues to identify itself with ANC, the ruling party.

26th March 2019
Preaching and Lecturing: What Works?

There is a distinction between preaching and lecturing

19th March 2019
John Wayne and White Supremacy

John Wayne was a White Supremacist. He did not mince words; to him, Blacks were irresponsible

5th March 2019
Solly Mapaila Erred on Robert Sobukwe

Mapaila claims Sobukwe had freedom on Robben Island. He doesn’t even know what freedom is

19th February 2019
Prospective Somalia Petroleum Sales: The Missing L...

Governments are only as good as their engagement with the public is

12th February 2019
African Citizens are the Real Drivers of Africa

Africa is bleeding. Our continent has been struck by opportunists and merchants who have traded ever...

5th February 2019
Tuku’s Death: A Lost Chance to Foster Zimbabwe Nat...

Legendary musician Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi’s death touched many in an extraordinary way

30th January 2019
DR Congo Elections: What is Wrong with France in A...

This sounds like the last kick of a dying horse as France is rattled at the prospect of losing a toe...

22nd January 2019
Sudan: Will Bashir Budge?

The world recently saw Sudanese rising up against Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who has been in...

15th January 2019
Biafra: The Battle Continues

The past few years hasn’t been easy for us and as most of you can recall, this is my first message t...

8th January 2019
The Situation in Sudan: A Statement

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation is following with increasing concern the recent political developments in...

8th January 2019
Why South Africa Must Rethink IMF and World Bank

International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde was in South Africa to meet Re...

2nd January 2019
South Africans Must Shun Violence

I want all of us South Africans, every woman, man and child, to look at ourselves, and to examine ou...

2nd January 2019
Puntland at Crossroads: Charting a New Path

The Puntland State of Somalia was established in 1998 under two primary underlining reasons.

26th December 2018
Opportunities for Entrepreneurship in Malawi

Health personnel are critically low and cannot manage to reach out to everyone in the community

30th October 2018
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