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Quotients and Style in Africa

African colleagues who view body packaging in the best ways possible as an insult have their right o...

12th March 2008
Too Educated to Learn Fashion?

Our celebrated academicians like Prof. Ngugi Wa Thiong’o have for a longtime clung to long beards an...

5th March 2008
Zero-Size Craze Sending Wrong Signals

One of the reasons so many people are unhappy with their bodies is the difference between the person...

18th March 2008
Image and Your Child

Comfort is ideal for health and physical development. Lack of comfort means poor physical developmen...

25th March 2008
Inner Elegance Revealed

Nicolas Sarkozy did most of the talking, but his wife, Carla Bruni, stole the show.

2nd April 2008
Reconciling Sleep and Image

Our fashion quotient is scaling higher heights. However, we are loosing out on the most basic of our...

7th April 2008
Alternative Mall: Is It an Option?

Like making a business decision, choosing to or not to shop in alternative malls is a matter of risk...

14th April 2008
Textiles Industry: China Thrives as We Watch

Therefore the recent sale of Rivatex Millers, one of the textile millers to Moi University may not y...

21st April 2008
Breached Fashion Contracts

It is advisable to take an inventory of what you already have in your wardrobe before new purchase....

29th April 2008
Beauty at the Finger Tips

Their positioning at the tip of every finger makes them a must-see for first impressions. Nails refl...

13th May 2008
When High Profile Means High Fall

In the quest for perfection, many have ruined their reputation through image goofs that could have b...

3rd June 2008
Old Is Gold After All!

At this rate, please don't throw away your clothes once you are done with them. Your sons and daught...

27th May 2008
Money: In the Eye of the Beholder?

Why do women enhance beauty in the eye? Why do music divas perfect this art? They do it to put empha...

1st July 2008
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