DR Congo Elections: What is Wrong with France in Africa?

Published on 22nd January 2019

In this day and age? C'est incroyable! Unbelievable!  And the Western media is soaking up the hypocritical spew.

France’s Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian waded into the election in the Democratic Republic Republic of Congo (DRC), head on, and he summoned the temerity to ask African leaders to reject the outcome based on his utterances.

The European Union (EU) condemned the Democratic Republic of Congo’s decision to expel its Ambassador ahead of crucial elections on December 30, 2018. Is the African Union Ambassador in the EU in the habit of commenting on European countries' internal politics? Are African Ambassadors in various countries lecturing Macron or whoever how not to tear-gas riotous citizens, conduct undisputed elections, curb the gun violence in their cities?

Felix Tshisekedi, 55, was declared president-elect, defeating opposition candidate Martin Fayulu and ruling party’s Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary who came third. If Shadary had won, the daggers would have been drawn with the loudest foul crying as a rigged process. Perhaps the EU would have forgotten that it has to deal with Brexit and the French immediate affront with the "yellow vests" violent protesters. An emergency meeting would have ensued in Brussels to pass more sanctions.

The oldest opposition party won. Outgoing President Joseph Kabila defeated Tshisekedi's father, Etienne Tshisekedi, in 2011. This would be the first time an opposition has been declared a winner of a presidential election in DRC's turbulent political landscape.

Africans are supposed to be such primitive people, quick to anger, with guns, machetes and spears at the ready to plunge into violence - to the extent that a gentlemanly, conciliatory, and respectful speech by Felix Tshesikedi toward outgoing President Kabila, calling him partner, not enemy, is proof of rigging. Or Tshesikedi was to declare an arrest of Kabila to prove his meritorious win? Ah, the wonders of imperial diseased expectations from Africa.

Please, Avid Readers, set emotions aside and look squarely at the French behavior. Is it mildly normal unless rationalized in the dubious French neo-colonial disorder in Africa? If polls declare elections, Hillary Clinton would be President of the US. Where on planet earth does the Church become the source of electoral result?

But the above abnormalities characterize France's latest folly in Africa with a sordid legacy of interference and generating instability to work in French interests.

Le Drian implies the opposition leader Martin Fayulu should have won instead. Hear him: “It really seems that the declared results…are not consistent with the true results.”  “Mr Fayulu was in principle the leader to come out of these elections,” he added. To come out?

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Congo “made verification and announced results that are totally different.”  Does the Church in France or the Europe declare elections?

Even before the Partition of Africa and the current French Fifth Republic mid-wifed by Charles De Gaulle who returned from retirement due to the Algerian War of Independence, France has been very mischievous with their own missionaries called White French Fathers when they arrived in Buganda. France's African policy dubbed ‘françafrique" under the notorious Jacques Foccart was nothing short of a semi criminal enterprise with coup d'etats.

Mr. Fayulu, who made money as an oil tycoon, dismissed the results as having “nothing to do with the truth”.

Young and poor people, especially the youths, should now burn the country for this guy? It is illegal to suggest to the need to administer pre-election psychiatric evaluation to anyone running for public office but it would be a tough road to Silence the Gun in Africa without discussions of peculiar mental issues that may afflict African people to run for public offices.

“The Congolese people will never accept such a fraud,” he told the BBC, adding: “Felix Tshisekedi never got 7 million votes. Where did he get them from?” In this messianic questioning, where did Fayulu expect to get the votes, too?

But France appeared to back him. “We must have clarity on these results, which are the opposite to what we expected,” Foreign Minister Yves Le Drian told CNews. Who is "we?" Is France part of the Fayulu campaign?

This sounds like the last kick of a dying horse as France is rattled at the prospect of losing a toehold in Africa. France picks the winner. Eh?

By MsJoe

African Union Citizen.

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