Why the ANC Government is Illegitimate

Published on 22nd January 2019

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania and Black Consciousness Movement (BCM) formations should come together and seek an audience with the African National Congress and its President who is also head of state, Cyril Ramaphosa and impress upon him that he presides over a corrupt and illegitimate government.

The ANC’s legitimacy has been in question since 1994 or the dawn of “democracy.” The word ‘democracy’ is derived from two Greek words, ‘demos’ meaning people and ‘kratos’ meaning power. This means ‘power to the people’ or ‘people’s power.’ It is a self-evident truth that the African people in South Africa do not have the power to exercise. The limited access the comprador bourgeoisie have to political power does not translate into the African people’s power.

The imperialist brokered secret talks that were held by some ANC leaders with officials of the apartheid government, and members of the Broederbond and captains of industry by their very nature could not have yielded positive results. That is why they were held in secret and excluded important organisations that fought for the liberation of this country like the PAC and Black Consciousness Movement formations. These organisations were consulted after the fact. The Azanian Peoples Organisation (Azapo), which was the umbrella body of the BCM, ultimately did not participate in the 1994 elections which were preceded by those secret talks. The PAC participated in the elections after Jafta Masemola’s assassination in April 1990 and Zeph Mothopeng died of deliberate poisoning in October 1990. These PAC leaders were against the ANC’s secret talks. Muntu Myeza of Azapo, who was close to Masemola, was also assassinated.

There is a mountain of evidence that demonstrates that the 1994 elections were rigged in favour of the ANC because the imperialist preferred the ANC. An article that corroborates this fact reports that the PAC had won the 1994 elections but the imperialists declared the ANC the winners and anointed them. It was easy to rig the elections because there was no voters roll. Nelson Mandela declared the ANC winners after only two million votes were counted out of eighteen million votes cast. That is bizarre. Azapo was therefore vindicated.

After they ascended to power, the ANC engaged in corruption and used state power to destroy and undermine the PAC. The ANC set up its fundraising outfit Chancellor House whose coffers was filled with money from government contracts the ANC awarded itself http://mayihlomenews.co.za/south-africa-and-eskoms-world-b…/. The ANC government continues to accept loans from foreign government and financial institutions which is a way of mortgaging South Africa because these loans come with strings attached https://uncensoredopinion.co.za/world-bank-imf-ripping-afr…/.

ANC officials are well aware that loans are not the best way of solving the country’s economic problems. In 2017, then Deputy President Ramaphosa said an IMF loan was like a Faustian bargain and should be avoided because it would impact on our sovereignty https://www.timeslive.co.za/…/2017-12-01-imf-loan-for-esko…/. Ironically, last year, his government signed for a Chinese loan whose details have not yet been made public. ANC officials are aware of the pitfalls of borrowing money and this was debated within ANC circles https://www.timeslive.co.za/…/2016-01-17-imf-may-yet-be-sa…/even though it now seems the ANC is reneging on its commitment not to accept loans from foreign governments and international financial institutions.

While ANC leaders talk about the country’s sovereignty, South Africa is not a sovereign state because it is registered as a corporation with the US’s Securities Exchange Commission in New York. On the 23rd of April 1994, Thabo Mbeki, Roelf Meyer and Constand Viljoen signed an accord on “Afrikaner self-determination.” What are its implications? Did Mbeki have a mandate from the African people to sign such an accord? Why is there Orania, a state within a state?

Should the allegations that Nelson Mandela was an MI6 agent be true, it means that an agent for a foreign spy agency negotiated in secret for the rest of us without our mandate. The outcome of such negotiations cannot be positive. He was a member of St John of Jerusalem whose head is the Queen of England who is subordinate to the Vatican. The loyalty of members of such organisations is to these organisations and not their country. St John of Jerusalem’s insignia is the same as that of the Knights of Malta, a secret society and military order based at the Vatican.

Should we accept our future to be negotiated in secret by a person whose loyalty was not to his country and who has been named an agent of a foreign spy agency of a country which had colonised South Africa?

Following an agreement on the elitist constitution that was negotiated in secret which was not drafted by a constituent assembly, there was no referendum to ratify it. This further buttresses the fact that the ANC government is not legitimate.

Parliament must be dissolved and the ANC government must resign because for the last 25 years there has been rampant corruption and personal aggrandisement.

By Sam Ditshego

[email protected]

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