Abandoned Farms to become a New Normal in Kenya

Published on 4th June 2019

In Kenya, land is a key feature in determining a community’s identity and has catalyzed freedom wars and political competition. Urbanization is challenging the position of land in societal space by promoting multiethnic settlement and siphoning young people out of rural areas. The rural setting is becoming a “home for the aged” staring at empty untilled fields.

The Inter Region Economic Network (IREN) has come up with a pilot initiative – The IREN Growthpad platform to enable urban based populations to be actively engaged in activating rural economies. In its pilot phase, the IREN Growthpad is demonstrating possibilities to create agribusiness companies that can manage farms for busy people and facilitate food security for all. Subsequent phases will address other key economic drivers.

Abandoned farms need not become a rural area feature. Join us on this journey to engage Kenyan professionals to catalyze rural economies. Download the IREN Growthpad App Now! 

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