Kagame and Museveni Tirades Must Stop

Published on 5th June 2019

The cold war between Uganda and Rwanda is escalating and, if not arrested, may most likely lead to a full blown war. Uganda has accused Rwanda for allowing its troops to cross into Uganda and shoot two people dead. Rwanda says that the incident took place on its soil. Both sides are exhibiting a show of might across the common border.

The two leaders, Kagame and Museveni, are respected pan-Africanists and key pillars in the East African Community. They should know better that brooding tension will not only send negative signals to the rapidly unifying Eastern Africa, but also yield counterproductive results. Instead of escalating tension, they should address the root cause of the simmering tension. The two leaders should also focus on solidifying theĀ future of their countries which are likely to implode when they depart from the scene, for failure to widen the democratic space and nurture new leaders.

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